End of the Weekend

February 4, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

For some reason I don’t recall what I did on Thursday that well, I am not sure why but what I know for sure is that I overslept that day, yeah it’s coming back to me sort of, Thursday was the night of Lost Season Premiere and we were at home, didn’t do much just chilled.

Friday was the day I just gave up my home seclusion and started wanting to go out. On Friday we decided to have a late lunch/early dinner at the Grand Cru Restaurant that’s close to S’s house. We went over to her place picked her up and were confused on what to have for dinner that we saw this place and said oh what the hell, why not! Hehehe so I had a nice Beef Filet that was quite good, I liked it. And afterwards we went to the movies, S and Fee decided they didnt want to watch “Meet the Spartans” but Dee and I decided we so wanted to. So Fee and S went to see “Over Her Dead Body” and Dee and I went to “Meet the Spartans” I had fun. I laughed alot during the movie and afterwards we went to S’s house so they can sit and study. Dinner was a Dominoes pizza.

Saturday was quite busy! I was so enthusiastic about going out so we hit St. Louis or better yet it was the West County Mall in Des Peres, MO. We shopped for 12 hours, or less sort of since we left the house at 10 and got back home at 10! It was amazing and guess what! I saw the Macbook Air and if you thought the thing was a beauty in the pictures then you can’t imagine the feeling in real life! I shopped and had fun! Lunch was Great Steak Sandwich from Great Steak & Potato! God I missed steaks! And dinner was Hardees while going back.

Sunday was spent lazily! I went to a JAPANESE RESTAURANT! (Yes Purg) a Japanese place but I had Hibachi since I don’t like Sushi or anything of the raw fish sort! It was a different experience and well quite fun. The girls and I enjoyed the show the chef put so much. Afterwards we dropped Fee home and Dee and I went to watch “Over Her Dead Body” which was not so good. A review of both movies will be posted later. Overall it is a fun evening, I have 11 days left and I don’t want to leave!

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  1. Seems your having an active time these days! At least your enjoying yourself! I know the feeling of staying away from a computer during vacation which is a good thing!

  2. looool
    at least she is off
    the couch

    y couldnt this have happened earlier
    yalla 3adii 2 weeks will rock
    just dont be lazy
    shut up and drive ;P

  3. looool
    when i read that first paragraph i was like .. “what have you been drinking” *wink* (just kidding) hehehe

  4. Marzouq : I like to stay away but I can’t hehe I prefer to stay up to date and sometimes I do that hehe :) I don’t want to come back home!

    your battlefield : What do you think I’m Rihanna? :P

    Laialy_q8 : LOL! That’s what my sister told me hehe but then I realized that I woke up late and didn’t do much that day hehe!