Review: Over Her Dead Body

February 13, 2008  |  Movies, Reviews, Travel Log 08

The day that I went to see “Meet the Spartans” with Dee, S and Fee came along but hated that type of movies hence they decided to go into “Over Her Dead Body” while we watched the other movie.  We asked them afterwards how was the movie and they said it was amazing! That it was better than “27 Dresses”.  So Dee and I decided to go see “Over Her Dead Body” on our own this one night.  Ironically enough, I think that if I go see that movie a second time it will be “over my dead body!” Not that it was terrible, I just loved “Meet the Spartans” more and that was a lame movie to begin with.


“Over Her Dead Body” stars Eva Longoria Parker,  Paul Rudd, Lake Bell, and Jason Biggs.  It’s basically a non-classic love story, since boy met girl and was about to marry girl but on their wedding day girl DIES! So the story takes place a year later where said boy has not moved on and his sister arranges for him to meet with a psychic to give him some closure on the whole experience.  Evidently the psychic and boy start falling in love and dead girl starts to wreak havoc on the psychic’s life.  All in all it’s not that typical of a story but it was filled with cliche’s that you couldn’t help but glance at the time every few minutes.  So I didn’t like it that much, but then again others might like it.


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  1. hmmm.. might be ok to watch but there are other things to watch at this point!

  2. i was completely not attracted to the plot of this movie … very typical

  3. *Seems like all I have are Zouk and Laialy Commenting :P*

    Marzouq : Not worth it to watch, it’s worth to watch only if you’ve got absolutely nothing nothing nothing to watch from TV Shows or Movies.

    Laialy_q8 : Yeah it was pathetic in different ways.