A Day All By Myself

February 14, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

One of the first days I spent on my own. I had a few things scheduled to do for myself but instead I did other stuff or half of my list hehe, it was quite fun and I accomplished quite a lot. Of the places that I went out to were:

  • Toys R Us: To pick out toys for my cousins and little sister, ironically enough didn’t find anything that I liked for them.
  • Circuit City: Just because I love to go there and look around at the different electronics. I ended up buying a Nintendo DS game for Toons and Full House DVDs for Lilo, as well as a small portable HD for myself. I had to spoil myself and tomorrow being Valentine’s Day I think I should’ve gotten myself a card to go along with it hehe!
  • Columbia Mall: I visited the mall to do some last minute shopping, well to return something I bought a week ago and that led me to buy a tiny bit more. But I ended up at Target, where I got my little sister the most adorable clothes and sleepwear! I visited the Bookstore and bought Sister #4 some last minute stuff. I wanted to get Daddy something but he would’ve yelled at me probably for buying it hehe so I didn’t get it. I had a pizza slice at Sbarro’s to tide me over for the rest of the shopping trip.
  • Home: To drop off the things I bought.
  • S’s House: To have dinner and just hang out while they studied. I was watching “Just My Luck” but was cut from watching the rest of it, but I did catch “Cashmere Mafia”.

The time spent here is almost ending and I think I am starting to feel it, tomorrow’s plans are quite intense I believe, but I will enjoy my time. I am glad that I will have a week to recuperate from this trip at home hehe and I’m glad to spend it all visiting family and friends. I miss them all hehe and after shopping for Lilo I realized how much I miss her!

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day Suckers :P

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  1. enjoy every minute of it ^_^

  2. Enjoy your last moments in the states!! lol! All good things must come to an end! Prepare yourself for work! hahaha! I know I’m being horrible!

    Happy V-Day!

  3. Laialy_q8 : I did enjoy but I want more!

    davinci : No problem :P

    Marzouq : Thanks and it isn’t that cool being back :(