The One Where I Dated Myself

February 15, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

Today’s Episode in “Just Jacqui” or “Jacqui’s World” or even “Jacqui’s Couch” we see Jacqui getting off the couch not early enough but still just in time to get dressed and beautify herself to go on a date.


With herself.

What with Valentine’s Day and all, everyone was busy with the major exams and papers that are due on Friday none of her sisters or friends were available to hang out and today was the day that “Step Up 2: The Streets” was being released. So what does little Miss Jacqui do? She gets dressed and goes out all by herself to catch an early showing of the movie. She goes in to see the 2:30pm showing of the movie! Very early, where the theatre was filled with only 2 boy-girl couples and 1 boy boy couple. Jacqui just sat there with her medium sized tub of Extra Buttered Popcorn and her Coke! It was such a great movie, she sort of danced a little in the seat and loved all the songs and dances that were featured! She’s just a sap for good hip hop music!

The movie ended and she got ready to leave. She wanted to visit Kohl’s today and Walmart to run an errand but she thought that going by Village Books, a local used bookstore would be even more fun so she heads there and spends almost an hour finding books but ends up walking out with just one, the gas was pretty low so she rushes to a nearby gas station to fill her up (the car that is)! Now she’s ready to tackle Walmart and Kohl’s but unfortunately she gets lost trying to find the way there, so she gives up and goes to Macy’s instead where she grabs a pair of belts to wear with her new skirt that she bought. Rue 21 was next door and she didn’t mind stopping there and checking out their “Green Day Sale”. After making a few calls to the girls she realized where she went wrong and headed back to Kohl’s and got her little sister Lilo an adorable dress or two. Walmart was the next place where she finally finally treated herself to some STRAWBERRIES! Yes Strawberries on Valentine’s Day, the cliche!

Finally she grabbed herself dinner from Fuddruckers, did you notice how she did not have anything all day but butter and coke, yes Fudds was her first actual meal of the day. And headed back to S’s to meet the girls. And that my friends is how Jacqui went out with herself.

P.S. She makes a great date! Doesn’t mind spoiling herself!

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  1. Looks like you had a fun time being solo! lol! I want to watch step up 2 damn it!

  2. Sounds like a good day … i would have done the same :)

  3. are u back from states?

  4. I enjoying self dates too! Weeee
    isnt it waayy better.

    im glad you had fun! :grin:

  5. LOL Jacqui I do that all the time. “Me Time” is essential for moi, especially in the states.

    I recommend that you go and watch “Definitely, Maybe”. It was a nice popcorn/date movie. You will absolutely love it :grin:

  6. I hardly have time for me anymore

  7. Marzouq : It was insanely fun! Hehehe and you should watch Step Up 2 :P

    Laialy_q8 : Hehehe unfortunately the day was over!

    Maze : I’m back now :)

    Skinny Bumblebee : Hehehehe it’s amazing!

    Angelo : I wish I had a chance to do that unfortunately but I did watch Step Up 2 twice hehehe oh well :s

    pearls : With Hassan going crazy all around I wouldn’t doubt it hehe.