Happy Chocolate Days!

February 17, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

The past two days have been crazy for me, ever since Valentine’s Day it’s just going crazy because I was leaving so soon. Currently I am at the airport in Missouri waiting for my flight which leaves in an hour or so. So as I said before Valentine’s Day was a day I dated myself and spent it with only me but later on with the girls as well. We wanted to celebrate that day but for some reason they all had tests/papers to turn in the next day and it was really hard to plan around that so what we did was postpone the celebration to Friday. Our Crazy Friday!


Fee and I were out preparing stuff for the gathering, while Dee prepared herself and S too. We were to dress formally in nice dresses and have a nice dinner at S’s, I chose Osaka – a Japanese restaurant that makes the most amazing SHRIMP ever! And later on we would have dessert. Earlier on, I had gotten Fee a Chocolate Fountain as a V-day gift since I got everyone else something so we decided what better way to celebrate than with a Chocolate fondue session hehe and off we went to grab the fruits, cookies, marshmallows and chocolate of course for it. Of course whatever I write about this day won’t do it justice because we literally went crazy.


We first had the dinner, which was delicious! Then the chocolate where we literally were flying off the walls enjoying it. And afterwards we thought what better way to end the night than to go watch a movie, and so off we went to see Step Up 2 which by the way they ABSOLUTELY LOVED!


We headed back to S’s because Fee had organized some activities for us, like designing our shirts and stuff hehe but we kind of fell asleep mid-way or Dee and Fee did, while S and I sat watching “The Da Vinci Code” until we fell asleep in the early morning hours. It was truly one crazy day!


Yesterday however was even more crazy hehehe what with finalizing the packing and then going out to the Les Bourjeouis Winery where I had a steak dinner and later on going back home. It was insanely fun because we left from S’s house to go to the Winery. Later on in the evening we went to iHop for a late dinner and back home we went. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t. However I did get an hour or so on the bus ride to here. I guess that’s it for now. Next post from Washington or Kuwait.

P.S. I’m missing them already!

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  1. Seeeeeexy :p
    Yalla to9leen bilsalamah o ma a3aber 3alla el 7arakaat el 9a3bah I mean dinning at a winery *wink wink*

  2. oh my lord! WOOOOOOW! Oh God! Have a safe trip girl!

  3. 9arli 2 days craving chocolate so badly..mani 3arfa shel salfa..I want that fountain!

  4. Looks like you had a crazy time at the end just juggling everything together! At least you enjoyed it to the last moment!

  5. The third picture is really beautiful!

  6. Laialy_q8 : Hehehehe alla esalmech and yeah I know it was insanely fun!

    chikapappi : Hehe thanks hon :)

    Big Pearls : No chocolate for you hehe :P But yeah it’s insanely fun!

    Marzouq : Yeah :( It was insane but I miss it all over again!

    :::ShoSho::: : I know so spirtual hehe :)

  7. ahahahah That painting is MINE!! Copyrighted & Unsigned!!! We love & miss you tooo. our Oscar party wasn’t the same without you. and this week we’re doing a Tribute to Van Gogh painting party ;D

  8. Florence : Hehehehe I know it’s yours, can you believe that I miss annoying your ass gina ;** And of course the Oscar party isn’t the same without me, nothing is the same without me :( I dreamt of you guys.