New Couch On The Block

February 25, 2008  |  Blog News, Designs, My Life

There is a new couch on the block, and thanks again to the wonderful stylings of my not-that-talented (just kidding of course) sister “Sister #4” I have a nice interior design to go with it.  Just as you were getting used to that Couch that went to America, I decided it was time to bring the couch back home, and so while browsing for the perfect couch I happened to stumble on the godsend! The most amazing couch I have ever seen and lo-and-behold my little sister was able to whip me an amazing header to match it.

So without further ado, I introduce to you my new funky couch!


Along with the couch I decided to spruce things up for my personal gravatar and so if you check the responses that I will be posting up to my previous posts, you can see the beautiful new me, or even some on your own blogs.  It’s just a nice way to get back and try to get rid of that depression.

Oh yeah, and Happy National & Liberation Day Kuwait :)

Now tell me what you think of this new couch?

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  1. amazing couch – hope its no ikea

  2. don’t like it, and I would like a lazy boy.

  3. I like bt still prefer the older one..

  4. Brilliant. :mrgreen:
    Welcome back couch! enjoy the liberation! ; p

  5. its pretty modern and cool :)

  6. looks good hun.. congrats…
    and 3eedich embarak ya kuwait

  7. Shmexy, invites more people :p

  8. 7amdilla 3ala salamah! At least you enjoyed yourself! Now to spruce “other” places up! loool!

  9. Every time I think about editing anything using Gimp/Photoshop I get a flashback of the painful agony in waiting for those apps to load-up!

    I am sold out now for any online photo editing website that will save me the hassle. Any recommendations ?

  10. Sou : I know hehehehe I just can’t imagine living without it!

    sabeur : Not that I know of hehe :P

    Purgatory : You always complain so I’ll just swipe that one under the rug.

    shopa : Why ehhehe :P What’s so great about the old one?

    Skinny Bumblebee : Awww thanks hehehe and I’m glad you like it :)

    Laialy_q8 : I’m all about the modern babes :P

    kamiliya : Thanks hehehe o Alla ebarek feech :)

    Swair : To sit on my couch? Are you kidding me! No one sits there!

    Marzouq : Yes once someone sends me the pictures of course hehehe :P But thanks ;) I like it too!

    mishref : Well I use Photoshop, and why do you get frustrated? Is your computer that slow in loading Photo Softwares?