My Emotional Turmoil Remedy

March 15, 2008  |  My Life, Weekend

Emotionally I have given up on my job and I am hating going to work everyday, true that I work with a great team but it’s the people I deal with day in and day out (in terms of customers) that drain all the energy I have. I just want to abuse some of my creativity rather than work a dead end job that won’t do me much later on. So most of you can understand when I lose my urge to write due to what I feel day in and day out. One of the things that kill a person is the double shifts :/ Because you would be literally working from 7:30AM to 8:00pm :/ And that is just plain torture.

So what do I do to change my mood and lift up my spirits? Well I go out furniture shopping and redecorate the basement living room, I try to exhibit some creativity here and there. And that’s what I’ve done this past weekend, we went back to IKEA and got some more tiny items. This week is supposed to be the week where we put in the semi semi final touches, since there is the wall art that’ll be left and that can come at a later point and not necessarily now.

But apart from that I went out to Top Shop after reading on this one blog about the perfect skinny pants being available there. And let me just say that they actually did have the most amazing skinny jeans. And I am now a proud owner of a black pair, now I can wear my long shirts with those jeans and make it look quite fashionable. Oh and Forever 21 is my ultimate favorite store in the States and for once when I went there this past weekend I actually found lots of stuff I would buy. I did get a great black Crop Jacket. So furniture shopping and clothes shopping really do make a difference. Next on the list, shoe shopping!

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  1. *dances*
    shoe shopping in a form of therapy

  2. perfect skinny jeans you say.. *makes a mental note to get a pair* : )

  3. I know the feeling you have at work, its tough but this the thing that you get caught in…

    At least you are taking a break sometimes, you really need a break. I think you also need to figure out where you want to work.

  4. shopping? laa o shoe shopping ba3ad? I am coming with u!:p

  5. I need shopping therapy

  6. Which pair r they!i love skinny jeans:)

  7. shopping therapy is the best!
    sometimes it’s also useful to try something new…. for instance i had an extremely active weekend… full of meeting new people, walking down old kuwait, paintball, etc… really changes one’s mood

    (and oh.. am back blogging)

  8. Its hard for me to get the perfect pair of skinny jeans cause of my big hips lol! Bass I love Forever21!Furniture shopping soooo fun :grin:

  9. shopping is an ultimate remedy for the soul, when i’m upset i go shopping i’d feel good even if only got my self a new shade of lipstick ;)

  10. Laialy_q8 : Shoe Shopping is always a form of therapy and the best one too!

    Vixen : Yes do pass by Top Shop! I’m just sad they closed the one that was across the street from Al Fanar.

    Marzouq : Thursday is a day OFF! Yaaaay I can’t even bear to stress how badly I want to sleep in that day!

    Big Pearls : 7ayach we should all start a Shopping Therapy Club it would be great LOL!

    shopa : Let’s all go together :P

    Linda : I got some from the Moto Section of their store, the name that was on the tag was “Ankle Grazer” and they’re just unbelievably amazing! Although their sizes are messed up now, 12 is the new 10 :s

    rampurple : I was trying to remember where I read this hehehe I was thinking you wrote it on my Facebook but now I see it here hehehehe and I agree hehe doing new things often helps as well hehehe oh and welcome back to blogging, its funny how so far you are one of the earliest blogs I started reading and basically one of the few that are still going on :P

    Zainoba : I have those too hehehe but I have nicer legs hehehe so you can always team it up with a nice oversized shirt or those tunic shirts hehehe :P And furniture shopping is always fun but decorating your own home is the most fun!

    Zabo0o6a : Same here hehehe but in my case whether I spend or not spend it’s still releasing some stress :P

  11. btw they’re opening topshop IN fanar right next to river island!

    thanx im gonna go check them out asap:)

  12. Linda : Cool that’s some great news at least there are different areas to shop other than the Avenues!

  13. I was recently bored at work, so went shopping on the net… he he!! Came accross this site and ordered a pair of skinny ankle grazers, was abit worried that i’d been to hasty but when they arrived (promptly) they are AMAZING they are a perfect length and so, so comfy. Look really cute with heels and sandals. Am v happy!