What I Miss The Mostest?

March 16, 2008  |  My Life

I know the word “mostest” is not really a word but I don’t care and I just want to use it up hehehe.  Anyways bits and pieces here and there about what I miss most out of my daily life here is a nice list I compiled or I am compiling as I am thinking them.

  1. My sisters Gina and Danielle and our friend S.  I really do miss hanging out with them, going out while they are in classes and then meeting up later hell it was the most fun I have had in a long time!  I miss you dimwits! And don’t let Daddy convince you to stay there in the summer!
  2. My College Care-free life.  Back then the only responsibility one had was towards getting good grades, graduating, and basically that’s it.  True I was Kumar the driver to my sisters but then again I miss doing that too a bit.  Not a lot!
  3. My TV Shows.  Due to the writer’s strike we were robbed of full seasons well of everything except “Las Vegas” it got a sort of decent season but now they are cancelling the show :(
  4. My Gossip Buddy Princess because well we’re now working in different ends of the earth, not really but almost like that.
  5. My Crazy Partner Swair because well we still can’t meet up as often as we want.
  6. Lily, the love of my life,  I miss you dimwit! Why is your phone off! Seriously I need to see you again and soon!
  7. My fun rival, the Jennifer Aniston loving Fantasia hehe because I love to pick on you sometimes and you love to do the same I know :P
  8. My Twirlie Chats since now we are all so freaking busy it’s crazy we don’t have enough time to be together.
  9. Money.  You never get enough of it!
  10. Sleep.  You never get enough of it!

I guess that’s basically a brief list of what I miss the most right now.  More to come later :P Enjoy!

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  1. Let’s get one thing straight,
    You were not out when we went to our classes.
    You were busily hibernating on the blue couch.
    I have the proof.

    The other day, when I was at the place where
    The dude gave us the free printer, I WAS happily munching
    on a sandwich
    and then i remembered our LUNCH together.
    which make me sad :S waaw waaw
    is that the sound babies make when they cry..:D

    as for come back soon.
    we have summer :S
    which i will register for soon :(

  2. I miss my TV shows too! A LOOOOOT!

  3. I can’t believe they are cancelling Las Vegas after all these years.. I have to get all the seasons and watch it, I loved the show from season one! Jack was the guy!

    We shall see how things turn out! This is the life at work, you get caught up with things, so you can’t do much.

  4. ehehehhehe i approve of ur list :* and we can still gossip even tho i work all the way in hell :p

  5. NO NO IM NOT LA REINE!! *kills herrrrrrrr*

  6. I need to show you the damned iMac :p

  7. your battlefield : I loved hibernating and it was fun hehehe we should do more lunches, next time take the camera and we’ll do a virtual lunch like our virtual crazy day yesterday.

    Big Pearls : I feel lost without them :(

    Marzouq : Jack who? There was no Jack in Las Vegas. You mean Jack Bauer don’t you? You were thinking of Ed Deline but oh well.

    princess : LOL you’re nuts hehehe but yes we are in different ends of the earth but I’m in hell and you’re up there in heaven controlling everything don’t you remember? :P

    Swair : Yes you do :P

  8. lol
    i have a mac book
    i dont need a camera
    we’re in the 21st century
    steve jobs is very disappointed with you.


  9. I miss my lazy morning life …

  10. Gosh, I miss my college free life. And I do miss gossiping with some of friends who I can barely keep in touch with. Sometimes you just want your old days back

  11. your battlefield : Lol you’re such a dumbo that’s not what I meant dimwit! Idiotic Cowface :P

    Laialy_q8 : It’s only the start of it. It’s all downhill from now hehehe :P

    Zainoba : And somedays you want it so badly that nothing can help you get over that feeling I know hehe :)