Customer Service is ANNOYING!

March 17, 2008  |  Irritated, My Life

No seriously, I don’t know how I have dealt with it these past few months before I went on a break, lately I’ve been getting so pissed off at the idiocy of some customers or their weird requests.  And I just want to kick everyone out.  I mean why do I have to repeat myself 100000000 times to get one simple fact through?  Why really why?  And they just won’t take that for an answer.

Why can’t people be like me when I go to places, I’m such a pacifist, if I go somewhere and was told we can’t do this thing here I would just smile and say thanks dude and just leave.  I never question much, only the things that I would really want to know and when I am told no, then I accept that and I don’t want to “break rules” or try to “bend things to my own way!”

So people, please just stay away from me if you’ve got those weird ass questions.  Hell let me illustrate a situation:

Me: Good Morning/Afternoon Can I help you?

Customer: I want to close this account

Me: Where do you work for?  This is a salary account.

Customer: X Company (Note: It’s a salary account opened by the company they work for, with an instant free Visa Card, therefore to close it there has to be a letter from the company itself and not the customer)

Me: You need a letter from the company to close the VISA card and the Account, and you won’t be able to close the account until 45 days pass after closing the VISA.  VISA Cancellation fees are 20KD.

Customer:  But I didn’t use this card.   And my salary doesn’t come here anymore.

Me: Even though, to cancel we need a letter, then the fee paid.

Customer: But I want to close the account without the letter or fees paid, I didn’t use the card.  And this card doesn’t work.

Me: To issue replacement it’s 30KD.  To cancel it’s 20KD and to close account you need a letter.   Anything else I can help you with?  I’m really sorry.*At this point I was fed up, of course this is much tamer than actual reality because in reality you see customers coming in and queueing up and he just wouldn’t let go and understand you pay, you get a letter, then you cancel regardless of what you did*

And that my friends is just one of the craziness.

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  1. Hahahahaha

    “A: Betroo7 el ba7ar?
    B: La walla, baroo7 el ba7ar
    A: Ahaaa, 3bali betroo7 el ba7ar..”

    THAT’S how our students/clients/customers are like, communication-wise :p

  2. Good Layout and design. I like your blog. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. .

    Jason Rakowski

  3. That must be loads of fun Juju………You poor thing! *hugs*

  4. Is that for real? When people approach me to sign up for an account with a free visa for the first year I’ll end up paying 20KD to cancel it! WTF!!

    You have to understand the frustration Jaqui, it doesn’t make sense. I am 100% with the customer and I think he was extra-super polite with you. If I was in his shoes you would’ve heard nasty stuff from me – even thought you aren’t the one who made me sign the offer, but nonetheless you work for the bank and you are the “Face” to talk to- Sorry!.

    So yea, good communication with your customers at the beginning of the contract, less hassle at the end of it.

  5. Swair : I know that’s the sad thing, and thats why I hate dealing with any life form that talks.

    Sou : Tons!!!!

    Mishref : Actually if you were in my shoe you would be thinking regardless of the fact that you don’t understand and you would be mad to pay fees to cancel a VISA card, the company you worked for opened the account for you without you even bothering to come to the branch, had you wanted to learn about your VISA card and other benefits of the account you could’ve visited any time and inquired. And trust me this is a universal thing in most banks there is a cancelling fee charge. Unless you’re one of those lucky ones who has a very huge account and your VISA card is Platinum or special. Oh and by the way some banks block 110% of the VISA card limit for 45 days until the card is cancelled. So imagine that :)

  6. LOL.. you should start a book..

  7. you are too good to be doing customer service, again, change your job :)

  8. Regardless of the customers dumbness, those charges are a ‘in your face rip off’!

    I kinda get his/her frustration with needing to pay for something that they’ve gotten for free..

  9. Your fuse is getting shorter with the customers! You are dealing with too many of them over the past year!! Alah esa3dich!

  10. Only gulf and Burgan charge Visa cancelllation fees. the other banks for free. no wonder customer is frustrated. blame it on the company that opened his account not the customer to avoid all this fuss.

  11. My God. It’s like a constant torture with those kind of customer service. Sometimes you just want to kill yourself :evil:

  12. Allah e3eeenich … anyone who deals with customers I’m sure deal with the same issues

  13. Sorry hun, I can imagine the stress you go through some people just dont understand. Allah yie3nich.

  14. 30kd to replace a card! 20 to close! 45days!

    3amaaar ya NBK :P

  15. BloBoz : It would be really thick if I were to document everything :s

    Purgatory : I will once I find a better one out there. And I know I’m beyond good for that Customer Service Job!

    FourMe : Regardless of whether they are a rip off or not, the customer should’ve asked the questions and read the fine print when they sign on something and not claim that they are being lied to. Because not everyone in the Banking Sector lies!

    Marzouq : It sure is hehe I used to be so cold and calm lol now I’m like one nerve switch LOL!

    Big Pearls : Eee walla ee walla :P God Help us All.

    d : Then he should go and take it with his company it wasn’t our fault that the company chose to open his account with us. So in reality the person delivering the message is just a messenger and nothing more.

    Angelo : Always :P

    Laialy_q8 : Yup we get a certain type of customers that fit a certain mold.

    Zainoba : Thanks sweetie and yeah some days you just can’t stand it all.

    Mansour : LOL NBK cancels your credit cards without the customer knowing :P How is that better?