Review: The Macbook Air That Stole My Heart

March 21, 2008  |  Apple, My New Toys, Reviews, Techie

The Apple should never fall away from its owner, am I right or am I right?  I really don’t know what that really is going to mean but I just realized today that I am forever in love with the Macbook Air, and to go back to a Macbook would be the hardest thing ever.  It’s just that hard.


Many of you have asked for a review and as many technical websites have already reviewed the wonderful masterpiece, that is called, the Macbook Air.  I believe I will offer a different kind of review.  A review of my usage since I’ve had it for almost a month now or slightly a bit more.  I will talk about the different aspects of it and give an opinion on each.



The screen is a beautiful lovely thing, on the lowest brightness it is still quite bright and nice.  And the size, the 13″ is always beautiful and to me it’s the perfect size for a portable laptop, 15″ is just too much and anything other than that is even huge.  So after using a Macbook for a while, and transfering to a Macbook Air, I’m glad that the screen size is the same, but the brightness and beauty of it is improved.


Nothing new here, except that it is the same as the Macbook keyboard and although some hated it, I still love it and find it beautiful, maybe if it was pushed a little bit closer together your fingers won’t feel like they are moving farther apart.  Oh and although at first I hated the black keys, since they kind of would show the oily stains from your fingers after a while you’ll get to love them and love the fact that your keys light up in the dark when you want them to be.  Something that has been missing in the Macbook.


My only pet peeve with this trackpad is that the button is thinner now and although you can activate the “Tap to click” option it still annoys the hell out of me to have to stretch my fingers all the way that far when I’m trying to click a key on the keyboard and the trackpad.  But trust me when I tell you that you will start loving all those new “Touch” features, the “3 finger swipe” the “Rotate” and all the other functions.  It’s really awesome!


Although I have only 1 mini-DVI port, 1 USB port, and 1 Headphone port.  I find it enough for a laptop, as I don’t do much with the USB and if I would connect anything it would be just an external hard drive or something that would be used alone so really it doesn’t make that much of a difference.  The fact that the DVD drive is external is not a major factor here, I can use the Remote Disc option which I haven’t done so yet, or even buy the external drive but in the month I’ve had it, I haven’t found the need to use a DVD drive for anything.


The processor is a smaller version of the Core 2 Duo processors out there, that Intel had made especially for the Macbook Air, and although the model I’m using has the 1.6Ghz version installed I don’t find it insanely slow that I would kill myself if it didn’t launch now.  It runs at a decent speed.  I surf and do many things on it I even run Photoshop and it runs smoothly.  Only problem is sometimes with Firefox the more tabs open and if I was chatting on another software then it would start up the fans and they would sort of heat up the laptop a bit, but not as much as the Macbook.  Oh and when it’s cool then you don’t hear the fan at all.


Many would argue that the 4200RPM 80GB Harddisk is really small and slow, I think slow would be the only thing I might agree on but only when doing huge things on it, but other than that 80GB is good enough for now, and you could always wait for the huge SSDs coming later on in the year to upgrade.  It’s good for what I use it for and you can always attach an external HD for it.


I was quite impressed the first week I owned it with the battery and even now that when I go out I can actually use it for quite a long time without even having to charge it.  I predict about 4 and a half hours of use I can suck out of it with only chatting and browsing the net.  And that’s quite good, sometimes even more.  I would of course have the volume on low, the bluetooth off and the screen brightness lower than usual.  But in comparison with my old Macbook it is MUCH BETTER!


The speakers by far are better than my previous Macbook, although they are Mono and not Stereo you can still hear them in loudly in a room.  And well the only problem they gave me was when I was in quite a loud room and the voice wasn’t heard that well.  Simply because the kids are SO FREAKING LOUD! But other than that they are quite loud in certain atmospheres.


One of my favorite features of this laptop.  The thinness and how light it is! I mean it quite shocked me when I saw the box, how small the packaging was, but when I took it out I was even more shocked at how it feels as if it doesn’t exist.  One reporter “Steven Livey” I believe mentioned that he was using his Macbook Air and left it on the table filled with magazines, it was in between them, that when his wife did the usual magazine cleaning, she threw it away, simply because it was so thin and she couldn’t notice it.  But then again that could be just a fake story.  Still I LOVEEEEEE THE THINNESS!


In conclusion, I made a deal with Dad that if there was a new Aluminum Macbook coming out soon that I would give him the Macbook Air and get the Macbook but it seems that now I can’t give it up, I just love the form factor too much and I am so in love with Aluminum it’s not even funny.  My Macbook Air is a Green Toy! And I am proud of it.


  • Thinness & Light Factor
  • Bright Screen
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Truly Wireless & Portable
  • Loud Speakers in Comparison with the Macbook
  • Ultra Cool “Touch” Trackpad Features
  • Good Battery Life
  • Good Enough Processor & Storage Capacity


  • Loud Fans when running lots of stuff
  • Heats up quite often when the load gets huge
  • Keys are still so far away
  • Poor Trackpad Button

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  1. Inshalla it lasts against all your usage! And tweaking! lol :)

    Now thats a thorough review, well done! Enjoy it :)

  2. An excellent review Jacqui. It’s nice to hear the battery life of Macbook Air is better than the regular Macbook. Too bad the heating problem still ensues with this model as well. I wonder how powerful the Macbook Air would be if you customized to the max. I bet it will be one of the most powerful out there.

  3. Excellent review:) Though Id never bother with all those specifications. Im not a Mac girl , Im a sony Vaio girl :lol:

  4. Marzouq : Thanks it’s my first time reviewing it this way hehe :P Should do some more reviewing I guess.

    Angelo : Just customizing the Harddisk will do wonders because SSD will basically start sucking out less and less power hehehe and as for the heat issue well it’s not as drastic as the Macbooks, it heats up once in a while not the whole time you’re using it and it’s less hot than before though.

    Zainoba : Hehehe I don’t like Sony Vaio much, it’s just eye-candy but the real power horses are other brands of them Apple.

  5. here’s a nice rewiew on the Apple’s Macbook Air pros and cons: