De-stressing With Chocolate

March 26, 2008  |  My Life

The best way to de-stress is with chocolate mousse ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  I had such a bloody long day it’s been a hectic week.  Yesterday there was an event we had organized and I had to help out in it so I basically was working literally from 7:30am to 9:30pm but I had a chance to go home and rest for half an hour and have lunch.  And today well I wasn’t supposed to have an evening shift but due to the work I had after we closed I was shocked that it was 4:30 by the time I looked at the watch after finishing some tasks.  I was going to step out for a bit with my colleague to see some store near by and by the time I went back to the branch to gather my stuff it was 5pm and I thought what the hell might as well continue and get paid for afternoon shift rather than spend all that time and get nothing.  Therefore today I was at work from 7:30am to 7:45pm.

Now I’m de-stressing with my chocolate cake and so I leave you with this image.  Oh and by the way tomorrow is THURSDAY YAAAAY! And starting from Sunday I suggest to those who have already had 50% of their salary staked against their liabilities to just hang themselves :P Because there is no way for you to leave your current bank, it’ll be that much harder to achieve the Loans target this year LOL!


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  1. I’m so craving the cake in the picture!

  2. Inshalla you have lots of good days! Too much on your plate but you can handle it!

    I know the feeling of destressing!! I want to decompress rather then destress! Ana bayin!

  3. Aaaakh ya galbiiii… you torture me, juju!

  4. What about the loans? I didn’t get it?

  5. Loooks sooo yummy!! Hope you relax during the weekend inshallah! P.S Mr jack might be able to help hahahahha :razz:

  6. Where did mu comment goooooooooooooo?

  7. Jacqui where do my comments go?

  8. BloBoz : It was quite delicious :P Yummy

    Big Pearls : No cake for you :P Just kidding!

    Marzouq : LOL! Decompressing is fun too I believe hehe :P

    Swair : Why I torture yous? I never tortures peoples!

    mishref : Will explain it further in a separate post.

  9. hey we used to have the same plats lol!

  10. :::ShoSho::: : Hehehe coool we’ve got a couple but I grabbed those to put a slice of cake on them :P