Why Can’t It Be Thursday Already?

March 26, 2008  |  My Life

Seriously why do we have to go into work today and tomorrow, why can’t it be just one day.  I am really exhausted and tired from yesterday.  Was at work until 9:30-ish for something that we had going on and I just am tired.

P.S. I got pissed off at how I had asked to be moved out of Retail for the past 9 months and nothing happened to me, yet everyone else I know has already moved out of Retail, granted not into the department that I wanted to get into, but still they got a chance.  Me however, I saw some of my superiors and they all said STAY WHERE YOU ARE! I mean who the freaking hell are you to tell me where I can or can’t go!

They claim I’ll get my chance in Retail, bah they should all go to the bunny and suck on major butt.

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  1. Oh and I thought it was Thursday already!!

    well maybe you need to talk to someone up high in the bank to be moved…

  2. Its coming soon, and I think you have reached that balanced point were you are contemplating leaving and I can’t blame you!

    Just stick it out for a bit longer, you are almost there!

  3. Ekkkhhh hang in there and ditch them for something better if you get a chance darling :)

  4. I think this week passed by so fast but el7amdullilah its Thursday tomorrow and its PAY DAY HAHAHA!

    Go talk to someone in HR and insist on ur transfer if not WAS6A HUN :mrgreen:

  5. shopa : LOL! Problem is, that was done and when they see that you are good they don’t want to let you go no matter what!

    Marzouq : I am contemplating that but I don’t want to leave without experience, therefore I’m just pushing myself to take it one day at a time LOL!

    DiiGMaa : That’s the plan LOL!

    Zainoba : Hehehehe hon Was6a didn’t do anything for me hehehe and good luck with your paycheck :P