Living in the Fast Lane

April 1, 2008  |  My Life, Random

Living in the fast lane has its ups and downs, at the moment all I see are the downs. You need to really really manage your time and try to make the best out of it but it’s never easy. Especially when you work for almost the entire day. I’ve been asked by different people now, how long will I put up with this, working mornings and evenings and well I can’t say anything yet because nothing official happened and it’s hard to predict the future but I hope that I won’t keep on doing this for long. Longer work hours for me equal a fiery temper that usually is let out on customers or even staff.

Anyways, I am looking forward to the weekend mainly because I want to do a nice design refreshment, I need to change the couch since this one is getting pretty stale, will have to look for something new. I am also going to finally finish a project I was working on but I put on hold. Mother dearest has left to France and I should’ve gone with her but oh well next time. Also we should just sit and clean up the area that we remade now.

To everyone out there, Happy April Fools! And to my bestest friend in the whole wide world, otherwise known as ananyah, Happy Birthday Babes :*

P.S. I need suggestions for the changes made to my blog, kindly mention stuff you’d like to see, stuff you’d like to be removed and such :) I really really would appreciate it :)

P.P.S The Tudors are back and I can’t wait for the hottness to resume! I already saw the two leaked episodes and Oh Em Gee! Boy do I love that Charles Brandon (Henry Cavill) *Tell me the guy standing isn’t the complete hotness! Yummy!*

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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. I love me some Charles toooooo *swooooon* can he be my birthday gift *wiggles eyebrows*

    I love you toooooooooooooo ;*** I’m olllllddd now!

  2. You complain about your work a lot! Hmmm do not have anything on mind to add, your blog is certainly one of the good ones I guess.

  3. I completely had forgotten about April fools! I suppose its become old, or I have :l I couldn’t handle working two shifts, but I have a friend who is working one shift, and extending it on her own I guess different ppl manage in different ways.

    Your blog is great, there aren’t components to be removed or added. A change in color would give it a new look but that is about all really! ;D

  4. yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is not enough for him hehehe

  5. changes! AGAIN! I have a better idea, why don’t you change yourself each month and keep same blog :P

  6. @@ HE IS THE COMPLETE HOTNESS btw lazim lazim lazim u remind me to tell u shino shad intibahi abt the tudors, in private :p love u

  7. yep! HE IS HOT!! maybe you should go pink this time. I love it when you change your template! eheh :wink:

  8. You removed your ridiculous books, so thats all that matters!

    Time management is crap with me.. I have not time to manage.. just barely able to breath! looool

    Hopefully you do move up from where you are!

    I need an overhaul! I just downloaded Tudors Season 1… will check it out for sure!

  9. Its been three days that I havent been here :razz:

    Change your Blog? Hell no, Its Perfect! Maybe in the future inshallah ill have something like yours :lol:

    You should of gone to France, youd at least take a break from your hectic job! I know how moody you can get when your stressed out at work, try to enjoy what your doing and you wont feel so bad!Inshallah your hard work will pay you back well and good hehehehe. Designing is also really refreshing!

    Happy B – day to your BFF :grin:

  10. Make sure you do something wild this weekend, or simply, treat yourself in a SPA along with your favorite gals.

    I cannot wait to see your new couch. Make sure it’s “springly” and “green”.

    As for The Tudors, I heard good impressions regarding the show and I shall watch it as soon as possible.

  11. First of all, thank you so much for your comments, it means more to me that you could ever know. Shakaraallahu Sa’ayakom, may dad R.I.P.

  12. You asked for suggestions for changes, so here is my 2 fils.

    What is that blotch on the right side of your black couch? Is it meant to be there ? If not, then maybe you can clean the couch.

  13. ananyah : No I’ll be old and Charles is not for sale HE’S MINE I TELL YOU! :* I love you too!

    Hasan.B : I do complain alot about work it’s just that now I am running like a robot I have forgotten what it is like to live a carefree life :(

    N. : Thanks hon hehehe I did the change in color a bit really nothing too dramatic hehehe and my extending into 2 shifts is not in my hands :( Oh well life!

    Laialy_q8 : I know but that word has not been invented yet :(

    Purgatory : LOL! That’s interesting!

    princess : LOL I know you saw those scenes of him in it.. he’s utterly delicious isn’t he!

    missy : I went a little bit pink just for you :P

    Marzouq : LOL I removed them because I still haven’t had a chance to read anything new LOL! Hehehe and your overhaul will be done soon inshalla hehehe I know about time management too!

    Zainoba : Hehehehe Mom went and came back and it’s okay my blog misses you when you’re not here but it’ll still be there :P Hehehehe as for your blog becoming like mine heheh inshalla in the close future it will be.. And I’ll make sure to whip something nice for you :)

    Angelo : Hehehehe Spring spring is almost over here so no need for greens :P

    Moey : Your welcome honey, I’m just really sorry for the news.

    Don Veto : Hehehe it was intentional as a design thing but I changed the couch :P You know it almost seems as if I own a Couch Showroom LOL!

  14. Well what can I say about your blog? Its really have attractive and powerful entries. I like to visit your blog daily.