Good Morning, I’m Exhausted

April 8, 2008  |  My Life

This is what I feel like waking up this morning, yesterday was quite a busy day where I was functioning on 2 hours of sleep and had a huge day at work! I slept the night before at 2AM because I just couldn’t fall asleep and kept waking up every 10 minutes from 5:30AM all the way to 6:10AM because we had an important visitor coming in from our Main Office.  Sadly enough I was so paranoid that I couldn’t get much sleep.  Many did come and I could not leave earlier to get my afternoon nap so all I got a chance to do was go back home at around 2:40 where I reached home and started having lunch around 3 and went back to work at 4:45PM! It’s truly insane!

I tried to sleep early hell I was about to sleep on the keyboard but it was difficult as well and when I got a chance to, I woke up a while ago with a huge pain in my calves and feeling like pure crap! I want the weekend to come up, I think I should book myself a massage session this afternoon since I’m not taking any afternoon shift.  Lord, when will we finish from those shitty afternoon sessions and be like other human beings with one shift at work!

Anywho, Good Morning to you all!

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  1. Allah e3eenich, i feel for you. I mean i get home at 4:30 and I feel my day is over, so I can’t imagine how your day feels with 2 shifts

  2. Getting some sleep is very important! Alah e3eenich! Those days drain the hell out of me!

  3. I am exhausted too :sad:

    I only wish law el yoom feeh like 48 hours instead of 24 :???:

    ma yekafoon !

  4. Desperate for a spa:/

  5. you need a spa! 2 shifts suck, why dont they just hire more staff, some for the day shift and some for the afternoon shift!

  6. Oh sorry babes…Why are you working two shifts and ur in a Bank? I guess Ananyah is right….take a holiday to rest and relax, Im sure you need it. Take care of urself :grin:

  7. Laialy_q8 : Hehehe exactly and some days when I don’t have two shifts I finish work at 5!

    Marzouq : Hehehehehe it’s draining the hell out of me and making my fuse become shorter and shorter :P

    CAT : You got two shifts? Working with customers everyday? That makes the biggest difference, because that stresses you out more and more! And if we had 48 hour days hahaha I would sleep for 36 hours :P

    Big Pearls : YES!

    ananyah : Hahahaha did you know that we have had about 19 of our staff fired/quit and therefore we are heavily understaffed LOL! Hehehehe try living with that, I want to book a spa session might do so.

    Zainoba : Hehehe it’s okay hon, and yeah I’m in a bank but the retail section so far. Hehehe I just came back from a holiday almost a month ago LOL!