Short Fuse

April 14, 2008  |  My Life, Pissed Off, Work

I don’t think anyone can truly understand what a short fuse is unless they experience it.  And no one can grasp the extent of what can drive you to explode.  But let me explain one thing to you guys.  The most annoying thing I cannot tolerate is idiocy and being too dense to not understand something that has been said to you over and over again.  Whether it is the customers or this one person I work with they just are playing on my nerves.  Examples of what ticks me off are below in relation to that person I work with:

  • “Jacqui the customer’s card was issued on the system on 13/4 so you think the card is here at the branch?”  I ask her again “What date?” She goes “13th” then I turn to her and say “And what day is it today?” with a ticked off look, she goes “Ummmmm I don’t know, oh 14th!” I sarcastically reply “And since when are cards delivered this quickly?”
  • “Jacqui this is the paper the customer signed for us to access that program yesterday in which I used your username” I look at the paper and find only a signature with no name, no ID number, no date even.  I turn back to her and say “Umm how am I supposed to know the details?  Where are they?” She looks dumbfoundly at the paper and says “Ummm how am I supposed to know what customer he was?” I just stare and say “I cannot accept it, find out the right details then fill them out”
  • A mistake happened in the system where a loan calculation was done for a salary of around 500KD was given a loan installment which was around 350KD and the customer signed on that and all, it means it was calculated on 70% of net salary, she comes to me and says “Jacqui the customers salary is this and the calculation messed up and did this, now what do I do?” I stare at her like an idiot and say “Ummm you recalculate it and call the customer to sign back or check with the manager and he will advise you” then she goes like “Ok and leaves”  at that point I wanted to pull out my hair!
  • One of my biggest pet peeves, she has no pending work, nothing whatsoever, just sits there when there is no customers, hands folded and stares at the screen, I happen to have an errand to do away from my desk, therefore I cannot greet people coming in, so other staff should help those not available, I step away and 5 minutes later get called back because all of a sudden alot of customers are available.  I mean can’t she get off her ass and go greet some of those customers and inquire about what they need?! Do I have to do every bloody thing and feed her as well?! UGH!!!!

And those are some cases that I went through today that drove me insane! I just wanted to stab her.


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  1. Its only a matter of time until you quit, get your experience and get out of there. They promised you a move to another department, but that hasn’t happened. The problem is dealing with the idiots, so at this point just look at your options and apply to different places. They will take you in heartbeat!

  2. Who knew working in a bank can be so damn difficult? Although, I bet 99.9% of what makes your job so frustrating is the people you work with not the actual job.

    Yalla hang in there…just 4 more days until Friday :razz:

  3. Ouch! That’s horrible. If its any help, I am prayin’ for ya!

  4. :shock: meta u will hijack my blog w et’9ab6eenah ?

  5. allah ye3eenek….i would have killed her long time ago…i wish i had people in the branch professional as you… :smile:

  6. Sorry babes, I know how it feels to be surrounded by idiots like that! I just cant stand such stupidity. Ur really strong mashallah, I would off just snapped and broken down into tears.

    U need to come up with a solution if ur not happy there, ur have alot of potential mashallah aleich and Im sure anyone else would want u in their organization.Good luck hon

  7. Which Bank is this ? hope it is not the one I deal with :lol:

  8. Marzouq : I am not worried about other places, I’m worried about the ability to leave this place, since they are holding onto to me with a death grip, I am not that great and all at what I am doing but they want more people with my mentality and that can make it hard for me to leave. They promised me something but they took that back and it’s really pissing me off, I am kind of holding them on the thinnest piece of thread waiting for the right moment to just get out of there. And idiots sure make it hard to work!

    Angelo : Customer Service is the most difficult thing you have to deal with, whatever job that requires that is really nerve-wrecking not only dealing with idiot colleagues but also idiot customers!

    Shaymaa : Thanks hon, I need all the help I can get.

    CAT : LOL Move to WordPress and I’ll be sure to hijack it sometime and make it boootiyful!

    Maze : Hehehe thanks for thinking of me as professional. Hehehe and I am still holding onto my nerves and hiding those scissors away! Hehehe you know what’s the biggest issue?! Having alot of work to do and wanting to delegate or distribute it on those who don’t have much to do but you just can’t trust them to do it the way you can. So you pressure yourself and overburden yourself with things.

    Zainoba : Hehehehe I have reached points like those in the past year but I have managed to move past them, trying to look at the bigger picture. And I hope that one day I can do all that and more. Move to a better place and all.

    G-Funk : Hehehe why?

  9. because I don’t want to be greeted with people like the one works with you :lol:

    But seriously, which bank is it ? :roll:

  10. G-Funk : Not telling hehe :P