Bloody Exhausted

April 23, 2008  |  My Life

I am so exhausted I don’t even have time to update anything about myself about my life or anything.  I was at work from 7:30am to 8:45pm last night, didn’t go home at all.  And I just felt the energy being sucked out of me later that evening when I got home around 9:15-ish!

I entered the house not being able to see where I was walking and stuff and when I did see my parents I spent a total of 10-15 minutes with them then went upstairs and slept like a log! I just woke up a few minutes ago and now I’m going back to work.  I am not caught up on any of my reading and I just feel out of tune with the world.  When is this weekend going to come and relieve me?

Now it’s off to work.  And yekh!

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  1. When will you listen to me :)

  2. ALLAH ye3eenech :*

  3. Keep up the good work! wooohooo

    Only then weekends are mutli- appreciated and life becomes yet sweeter. As from the energy drain Americano/red bull will boost you right up… just like a recharged battery and some music of course.

  4. ya36eech el 3afya!

    I know exactly how you feel, when is this weekend going to come! We need a break, it will really help us refresh from all the damn work!

  5. Sorry Hun! But this is torture walla it is, you gotta do something about it, inahallah youll find a solution and everything will ok..

  6. mu-h-st ha-h-ve week-h-end

  7. Purgatory : Soon. I just have to finish this then I can do something.

    CAT : Thanks dear :(

    Enigma : Will happen soon.

    Skinnybumblebee : I wish I had a weekend to appreciate LOL! It’s just that as we near the middle of the year things become crazy and all that. :(

    Marzouq : Allah e3afeek I’m looking into travelling some time these next few days I just want to take a break hell even if I stay home that’s enough!

    Zainoba : Enshalla I will it is more than torture!

    Laialy_q8 : I wish I had one :(