The Straw That Will Break Me

April 23, 2008  |  My Life

I thought that I might relax this weekend but it might not appear that way, oh wait I just remembered I should call Spa Time tomorrow and book an appointment for Friday yet I am not sure I will be able to make it even.  Hell ugh I hate this job!!! I hate it so bad!  Rough schedule of what’s coming up:

Tomorrow – Meeting until God Knows What Time!

Friday – Weekend

Saturday – Training Course for 8 hours or more in the morning!

Sunday – Back to work and another meeting

Monday – Wednesday – 2 shifts

Thursday – End of work week again.

And the cycle just repeats itself, and they say we are over staffed as it is, if we are overstaffed then why the hell am I doing 2 different jobs at once, and a few bits and pieces here and there?  Explain that please.

And no Purg, I can’t quit right now.

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  1. Ouch, I hope it gets better soon

  2. I see that my message got to you :) You said not “now”, which means you will, so :)

  3. Isnt that the case everywhere else? :???:

  4. Damn that schedule sucks… thats why I wouldn’t work at a bank! I hope things get sorted out soon, this is just too ridiculous!

  5. I just dont understand why you have to work shifts and why cant you quit now? This is torture, I mean I get loads of work but I enjoy what Im doing and I dont get tied up like…wish all the best hun

  6. It seems your passion for this job is fading less and less on each passing day. I’ll be sending you positive vibes and auras all the way from the US…

  7. Moey : Not likely happening I guess.

    Purgatory : It did and within due time I will do something.

    Skinnybumblebee : Not necessarily and not as slave driven as the banking sector. Two shifts drain the living daylights out of you by the way :s

    Marzouq : I wanna get married, have kids and stay at home, can’t I do that like within the next 2 months lol ? :P But I think a kid requires 9 months to be born LOL!

    your battlefield : I love you too :*

    Zainoba : Shifts because we still didn’t get rid of them and we have to because it’s “business need” and I can’t quit now because of the contract. And yeah I know what you mean if time is spent doing something you love then you wouldn’t feel it.

    Angelo : My passion is non-existant. The only thing I love in this job was learning the system and how to function it. I love technical work and organizational/operation work it’s one of my passions. Thanks for the vibes.