Songs I’m Addicted To

May 1, 2008  |  Music I Love

I refuse to write anything but a cheery post for today therefore I wanted to share the songs that have been my ultimate FAVORITE!

The image says it all:  Madonna & Justin’s – 4 Minutes (To Save The World!)

The ENTIRE ALBUM of Bow Wow & Omarion but specifically those songs:

Hey Baby (Jump Off), He Ain’t Gotta Know, Girlfriend, & Take Off Your Clothes!

Eve ft. Sean Paul – Give it To U

Ray J ft. Yung Berg – Sexy Can I!

Might enable some links or put them up soon here.  But just so you can enjoy those tracks!

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  1. awal song and last song yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 7atan ana im addicted to them :razz:

  2. Put down face off and get Hard Candy .. your ears will thank you.

  3. Have a happy cheery day :grin:

  4. Hard Candy > * Everything else

  5. Hehehe love them all :grin:

  6. princess : Hehehe they are just so delicious!

    K.TheKuwaiti : I have both and I don’t like Madonna that much I just liked that song a bit.

    jewaira : Hehehe thanks Jewaira :*

    Marzouq : What you like Hard Candy more than anything else?

    Zainoba : It loves you too :P

  7. Madonna’s song is the only thing that appeals to me from this list; I’ll take the rest with a grain of salt :razz:

  8. Have you listened to Ryan Leslie “Addicted” ? :roll:

  9. Angelo : Oh well to each his own :P

    G-Funk : Nope I haven’t.