The Art of Being a Customer

The art of being a customer can be easily summed up with the image that I am about to share.  It truly displays what everyone dealing with customer service goes through.  There are sometimes that you encounter a great customer who will make all the bad experiences worth it but that happens not so often so you are always on your nerves.

Today’s story revolves around the phone conversations that I have to deal with being in the Customer Service field, I am not even sure why because I am not employeed in the Call Center.  But let me give you an overall experience or a simple example.  Everyday we get calls from customers asking about their balance, and such, all those calls I forward to the Call Center but sometimes the Call Center (being idiots) forward such calls to the branch.  I remember this one time I had a customer call saying “I used to have an account with you guys 5 or 6 years ago and I just wanted to know if I still had it.”  I was at the time very busy so I was telling him sorry but you have to call this number and they would help you, but the thing was when I got the call it was forwarded from the Call Center.  I was utterly shocked I mean come on, it’s a simple Civil ID number to check if account exists or not.  But dumbasses probably didn’t want to work! So that ticked me off.  But let me talk about something that happened today.

A customer calls and says ” I am Mr. X, and I am calling from Abroad, I want you to transfer me 10,000KD from my account to my Overseas Account” and I’m like “Excuse me sir, for any transfers or such I will not be able to help you, kindly call the following number and they will help you out.”  He goes “But I can answer the questions here and tell you what you need to know, I need the money urgently.”  I emphasize that the call is not recorded therefore I am not authorized to do such.  He hangs up and calls back after a while complaining that he is calling and no one answered him yet.  I told him “Well you have to wait” he goes like “But I am calling from abroad” and I emphasize once more that I cannot help him.  I suggest Online Banking but the idiot did not collect his card and thought that when the person who opened the account and told him we can do you any transaction by phone, that she meant the branch and not the Call Center.  He kept on complaining and I was about to lose my cool.  In the end I transferred him to my Manager and she said basically the same things but after a while he accepted it.  What is wrong with me?  Am I talking in Chinese that people don’t want to understand what I’m saying?

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  1. Nothing’s wrong with you, it’s just that it’s human nature for people to accept things (like in your situation) from a higher point of authority. Stupid humans.

    Seriously, good job on keeping your cool! ;)

  2. This is what happens when you need to deal with a lot of idiots! They just don’t get it at all, so there is nothing that you can do about it!

  3. Don’t worry, you’re not talking chinese. Some people are just scared of managers, because they know that a manager can decide that the customer is not right and there is no one there to monitor the manager. Maybe you need to be more blunt. I remember this one guy at my branch was always like “I’m sorry sir but management disapproves of this” or “they won’t let me do that”. I personally am more of a “no, because I said” person. Just kidding LOL. But seriously, what you’re doing is fine. Refusing, explaining why and suggesting alternatives. It’s not you, it’s them! It’s always them! :evil:

  4. damn u need to quit, there are tons of idiots which seem to cling to u!

  5. that’s just too much to bear

  6. Now, you have mastered the art of patience, mashallah!

  7. Next time, speak in a husky voice and see what happens.

  8. Sou : It’s getting harder to keep my cool especially since most treat me like a water cooler.

    Marzouq : Well I could keep a gun underneath the desk and shoot those idiots therefore obliterating their chances of further infesting this world with their idiocy. Actually that’s what I’ll do.

    MYK : Oh and I totally abhore when your colleague sees you struggling and calls over the guy who you just told you can’t do anything for and breaks your word. Even if I was wrong I would rather have them support me than break my word in front of them.

    ananyah : True. Why don’t you find us a couple of millionaires :P

    pearls : I agree.

    Shaymaa : It’s harder than you think.

    Angelo : Hahahaha will mention another situation.