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May 21, 2008  |  My Life, TV

I blame the Writer’s Strike for robbing us of extra episodes of all our favorite shows.  I think that if I start to name the shows that I follow most of you would just start to yell out “How can you manage such a list when you’ve got two shifts and tons of stuff to do?” Well I simply don’t go out once I get home and I tend to unwind by living vicariously through the characters on the shows.  This year we saw many new shows come out but most of them got canceled, we also had to say good bye to some shows last year so we have to somehow replace them.  So in a way I’m going to write a different kind of list, one that shows the new shows and if their finales aired or not and the ones that got cancelled, as well as the old shows that I still follow faithfully.

Here goes:

Old Shows:

  1. 30 Rock – Season 2 (Finale Aired) – I loved this season it was even quirkier than last season and there is something about Alec Baldwin and Tina Feye that I just can’t let go of.  ****½
  2. Desperate Housewives – Season 4 (Finale Aired) – It was a tough season to follow, lots of stuff happened a natural disaster, new characters, new mysteries, but the way it ended left you thinking that it might be reborn again and we might try and relive it’s greatness once again. ***
  3. Dirt – Season 2 (Finale Aired) – I still haven’t watched most of the episodes, I downloaded them but they’re saved for a rainy day.
  4. Friday Night Lights – Season 2 (Finale Aired) – It was a weak season very hard to follow and sometimes you can just love it again but at times you just want to forward through the scenes. **
  5. Grey’s Anatomy – Season 4 (Still Running) – A weaker season I have not even seen.  I started watching this show when I was in the US and I fell in love but this season was so hard to watch, I missed Denny, Addison, Burke, and how they were even more insane but now they became so whiny and predictable that it was getting hard to follow, maybe it’ll change in this finale. **½
  6. Heroes – Season 2 (Finale Aired) – Now this show is truly a gem but it was hard for it to show that gem throughout the season because it was slowly building up to it, the final episodes were great but it still left you wanting more, hopefully next season it will be even better. ****
  7. Las Vegas – Season 5 (Finale Aired) – With Ed Deline out of the picture it was hard getting used to his absence but it slowly started to pick up again and it moved onto developing the characters rather than the mysteries, it’s sad though that it is canceled hopefully we’ll get our true series finale soon. Oh and Samantha Jane Marquez and Danny McCoy really are my ultimate favorites ***
  8. One Tree Hill – Season 5 (Finale Aired) – Jumping 5 years into the future was a gamble done on this show because they weren’t sure of it working or not but I can honestly say that this season was one of the greatest I have seen! I am so absolutely in love with James Lucas Scott and his relationship with everyone from Skills to Brooke Davis! The finale was just shocking and has me on my toes until next season! Oh and I wish Peyton would just die. *****
  9. The Tudors – Season 2 (Still Running) – Can’t rate it yet until later but it’s great nonetheless and what can I say *sigh* Charles Brandon *sigh*!
  10. Til Death – Season 2  (Still Running) – It’s a pointless TV Show but just a filler for me on those days when I want to laugh.  They did however do a great thing by adding a different Black guy to the cast, it just is bringing a different kind of laughter now.
  11. Ugly Betty – Season 2 (Still Running) – Very different and slower than last season, I missed Amanda and Mark being together and Wilimeaner! But let’s hope the finale will show us something GREAT!
  12. Weeds – Season 3 (Finale Aired) – One word, GREAT! Nancy is growing up! ****

New Shows:

  1. Big Shots – Loved how it was Desperate Housewives but for successful men and their relationships unfortunately it was canceled before a finale was even aired. **** [Canceled]
  2. Carpoolers – Crazy, quirky and fun! Sorry but Marmaduke will not be coming back neither will the guys. *** [Canceled]
  3. Cashmere Mafia – Whoever fell in love with Big Shots would do the same for Cashmere because it brought the same idea but this time with successful women and how they lead their lives, and falling in love with those characters was such an easy thing it’s so sad that it got canceled too! ****½ [Canceled]
  4. Chuck – Nerd meets the Spy World, the adorable nerdiness of the character and the obvious plays done on real life places such as “Buy More” in relation to “Best Buy” and his quirky sidekick were amazing this was a real winner! ****
  5. Dirty Sexy Money – A major Soap Opera that is twisted with a mystery and some of the most annoying characters you can find [read: Juliet Darling] but one that will drag you in.  I fell in love with Brian the Priest, just because he is a lost soul that you can’t help but want to guide in the right direction. ****
  6. Gossip Girl – The BEST TV Show this entire season! One based on a book but does not follow the book completely and one that is simply amazing! I absolutely love Blair & Chuck and hope they end up together forever, they are the right match for each other. *****
  7. Lipstick Jungle – Think Cashmere Mafia but without a 4th character, the lives of 3 successful women, a married but troubled one, a mother, and a single woman.  It is cool but not as tempting as Cashmere Mafia. ***½
  8. Private Practice – Addison goes to LA, she does not belong there, she belongs back on Grey’s with McSteamy, McDreamy and Meredith, creating that amazing sexual tension that we so love to see! But still it’s cool nonetheless. ***½
  9. Pushing Daisies – Solving mysteries in a fairy tale kind of way, it’s got mystery, romance, intrigue and lots of action.  It’s simply adorable and it’s coming back too. ****
  10. Samantha Who – When you don’t know whether you are good or evil and you get a second chance at life you find it absolutely hilarious learning things about yourself all over again.  This show is made even more amazing by the smaller characters, Regina and her husband, Andrea and Deena. ****½
  11. The Big Bang Theory – Geeks + Nerds + Girls = ABSOLUTE HUMOR! I love love love Sheldon! It’s the second show of the season after Gossip Girl for me! ****½

A total of 23 shows.  Sorry if this was lengthy!

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  1. ouuuuf u watch all of these…and u work like hell at work…i say one word ur a couch girl…: :razz:

  2. allaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just finished watching the finale of gossip girl its really really really really really good and can not wait for season 2 ;) oo and the big bang theory is just hilarious :P

  3. How about Dexter?!

  4. Very well done, I do agree with you with lots of these shows, but you are missing the science fiction shows.. it has been one hell of a season.. the writers strike and other crazy shows.. like you I’m kind of annoyed they canceled Big Shots! Then there are all the other shows, and Friday Night Lights does feel a bit slow, haven’t finished it yet.. there are also a couple of other shows on my list.. Big Bang Theory is fantastic.. Chuck is good, but could be better..

  5. and I thought I was following too many shows!! mashalla 3alaich lool..I watched the season finale of desperate housewives…shocking..and it left me wondering.

  6. Dear God Jacqui!

    Didn’t know you were a TV Junkie (I mean I know you love your TV shows but this is so surreal. Regardless, that was quite an informative post. I’ve been so lazy these days that I still haven’t caught up with my favorite shows.

  7. Maze : Hehehe a Computer Couch girl hehe I watch them all on my Computer :P

    q8ya : I want Blair & Chuck! Hehehe and I agree but the Big Bang Theory’s finale was a little bit stale and not as interesting as the entire season!

    Khaled : Don’t watch it.

    Marzouq : Hehehe I don’t watch the Science Fiction shows, I bet your list would be even larger than mine hehe :P But yeah about Chuck it needed more time to develop and maybe if it relied more on the geeky part than the spy parts it would’ve been better. As good as Big Bang.

    Big Pearls : Hehehehe trust me my initial list was huge but every year I get rid of some and add new ones hehe and I think Desperate Housewives is leaving us with more questions but it was a great finale, better than most of the other seasons.

    Angelo : Hehehe I am worse but oh well :P Hehehe and I’m glad it was quite informative at first I thought to just list the shows that I am watching but then I started thinking of a one line review hehehe and then it became the longest post from hell :P

  8. I need to play catchup -_-

  9. Laialy_q8 : You sure do :P