Review: What Happens In Vegas

May 31, 2008  |  Movies, Reviews

You remember how I posted about not feeling myself these past few days and I wanted some cheering up that couldn’t be found anywhere other than in buying a new Apple Gadget?  Well let me rephrase that I think I have found the thing that can pull me out of any depressing mood! One of the latest movies out in the States:

Last night I wanted to unwind and release all the pent up tension so I decided to watch “What Happens in Vegas” and boy was I in for a surprise! I really loved the movie.  Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz star in it, one was fired by his own father and the other dumped by her fiance at the surprise birthday party she had planned for him! What do they decide to do? Well there is no other place than Vegas to help you forget one’s troubles and issues, off each goes with their best friend in tow.  Getting drunk and marrying a person you just met is never a good idea, so annulments are always the best solution but winning the 3 million jackpot using the other person’s quarter may have you stay married until the other relents and requests a divorce to get their share of that 3 million dollars.  This movie will show you their weird quirky antics and how they want to annoy the other person but little do they know that they were falling in love for each other because no matter how messed up they were as individuals they were perfect for each other.

I absolutely loved it! I truly did!!


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  1. Cool, I will be checking it out for sure! I like Ashton Kutcher, he is a bit of a nut case!

  2. I watched it last night, and I really liked it! Perfect movie to kick back and unwind to, funny stuff! :)

  3. I want to watch this! Looks really good. I really need to forget the last stupid movie i saw, indiana jones. Will watch this ASAP.

  4. Loved it ,, laughed it through .. I must say, I liked the other characters alot, ” the lawyer” Ashton’s friend and Cameron’s best friend. The way they went at it was hilarious.

    Loving the blog. :) and most of all, the name “couch avenue” .. probably coz i do have a thing for couches. :)

  5. Thanks for the spoiler :mad:

    Seriously though, amazing plot :grin:

    I’m going to download this as soon as I get home :mrgreen:

  6. Big Pearls : You should it’s Awesome!

    Marzouq : Hehehe he is totally crazy in this movie it was awesome!

    Sou : I’m shocked to see that you liked this movie :P But pleased nonetheless!

    kwt23 : LOL I don’t like action movies much hehe but yeah you should watch this one.

    [He]speaks : I totally agree the supporting characters were awesome themselves. I welcome you to my couch ehehe and I am glad to find someone else who has a passion for the couches.

    myk : I don’t see any spoiler mentioned up there :s


  1. What Happens in Vegas…Movie Review