What a Weekend?

June 1, 2008  |  Weekend

I’ve been trying to unwind this weekend but not much happened, I didn’t get enough sleep as much as I wanted. But basically this is what happened, I finished work quite late on Thursday. I actually left at around 5:00pm or 5:30 and I should’ve left 2 hrs earlier but we had a meeting and it ran a bit late. So I got home quite late after picking up my dad from my grandma’s house and then I took a bit of a nap. And then spent the rest of my day on the net until I passed out again.

Friday I visited one of my work friends, his wife gave birth a few weeks ago and we finally got to see the kid it was fun, and I got to be with the entire original family and not the new additions that annoy the hell out of me! Afterwards I came home, slept a bit, and spent the rest of the evening with dad and watched “What happens in Vegas”. It was a nice day.

Today however, I went to grandma’s with Daddy and the sisters and spent most of the day there. I didn’t nap but I will probably head on to bed in a bit anyways. Now I’m watching “Love Wrecked” staring Amanda Bynes and Chris Carmack. It is cool.

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  1. Well at least it wasn’t a stressful day and it seemed a like a good relaxing day.. I liked a day of watching tv, it just made for a chill day..


  2. Sounds like a pretty gud weekend to me!


  3. Doesn’t seem so bad! Spending time with a new born is always a stress reliever! :)

  4. You have been tagged! :)

  5. I just tagged u too! :p

  6. Marzouq : It sorta was, and I’m glad for it.

    NoNoWa : Thanks babes :)

    N. : It is, and it was fun getting together with old friends.

    myk : Thanks I answered it.

    Swair : Thanks I answered it.