All Work No Play

June 4, 2008  |  Apple, Random, Rants, Work

… Makes Jack a dull little boy.

That’s how I am feeling, I’ve been so stressed out at work, got a lot of things going on.  People often tell me that I’m sort of spoiled and that I exaggerate things.  But I’ve been pulling myself from all the different angles and I believe I might’ve stretched myself out too thin.  This weekend is going to be non-existant because I have a training course on Saturday all morning, and Sunday – Monday evenings after work.  Then Tuesday – Wednesday back to afternoon shifts.  Ugh It’s like the cycle will just never end or stop.

I’m dying to go out shopping but I have no time.  Dying to write a new post but I have no time, I was tagged by Swair and MYK for the Quirks tag but I still don’t have time to do it yet.  And I was awarded the Arte Y Pico Award by Purgatory and had a nice mention by Intlxpatr through an award she gave to Purg.  I still don’t have time for that.  Not to mention I don’t have time to sleep.  Why am I putting up through all this I don’t know.  Although one thing I am looking forward to which is the months of July – Sept.  I might be taking time off and heading back to the States with Daddy for some medical check ups.  And I told him I wanted to apply for a part time job at Apple Stores there.  I really feel that I might love working part-time there or something just to test it out.

Anyways, I’m working on a redesign which is not yet complete, because I can’t find some time to sit and do it but oh well it’ll be ready when it is.  One cool thing however was the mention I got in the “Yabeela Blogs” where I was the ONLY female in between all those male blogs :) I felt so cool! [Image Source]

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  1. Very nice! You are up there! And hopefully you can enjoy yourself soon!

  2. thanks for making me famous on ur blog too… :razz:

  3. thanks for making me famous in ur blog… :razz:

  4. Marzouq : I know it’s totally cool!

    teagirl : Thanks I responded I believe.

    Maze : No problemo.