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June 8, 2008  |  Blog News, Movies, Weekend

Boom! I am not sure why I chose the word boom but I think it’s good enough to describe the new design that I am unveiling today. A more dynamic and light design on the eyes. I’m loving it, and I guess that chick up there on the couch is totally ME!

So what happened this weekend?

  • Unveiled the new design after working on it for only one day
  • Bought the Nintendo Wii today, and had TONS of fun with it. But somebody should’ve told me how much it would hurt to actually play with the thing!
  • Watched Taymor & Shafe2a (an Arabic Modern day Romeo & Juliet) movie. It was fun and I never thought I would love it!
  • Slept
  • Rested
  • Read
  • Ate

And that’s about it, nothing that special happened this weekend so I leave you with the new design. Oh and 1 more day left until WWDC! Now I can’t wait!

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  1. i likey it :D and and and i want an ipod touch *cries*

  2. Very nice design.. you just have to get rid of your current books.. I don’t like what you read!!! loooool!

    It is very nice and simple! I think you should try out rockband!

  3. huzzah for newer, brighter and cleaner designs.

    Congrats on the wii. (What games?)

  4. “not sure why I chose the word boom”

    Here’s a hint

  5. Veeeery cool design! It is nice to have a relaxing weekend for a change, and you got a Wii! I’m envious :p

  6. I love that design too and yeah the Wii does hurt the hands and arms lol.. did you creat a MEE? lol I love doing those..

  7. I’m loving the design Jacqui, and the girl sitting on the couch is so hot, which makes you hot as well :razz:

    I’m your man for any Wii questions, from games to peripherals to accessories, so don’t be a stranger. Shot me an e-mail whenever you have a question or an inquire. Enjoy ^_^

  8. good job ^_^
    as usual it looks great in here

  9. congrats on the sweet design! It’s great that you had some rest this weekend.. :)

  10. A new gaming console day is always a special day. Enjoy the Wii!.

    I wounder about the timing to spend money just before release of the iPhone?!

  11. ananyah : I will not give you one :P

    Marzouq : LOL! I don’t want to get rid of my books and I”m glad you liked it.

    KTDP : Well I grabbed 12 games, but I don’t remember them all I’m addicted to Wii Sports mostly. Oh and I’m glad you liked the brighter cleaner design.

    3baid : LOL I knew it was subconscious!

    N. : Hehehe I tend to buy gadgets to relieve more stress, or to make me feel good about myself.

    :::ShoSho::: : Hehehe yeah I created a Mii, it was fun! And I’m glad you loved it!

    Angelo : Awww thanks for making me hot! Hehehe Awesome once I feel a need to ask some Wii questions I’ll make sure to drop a line soon! It’s awesome!

    Laialy_q8 : Thanks hon!

    Shaymaa : Thanks babes and yeah I’m glad too!

    mishref : Hehehe well I must’ve known that it will not be available until July 11 somehow.