So Close, Yet Not Close Enough

June 12, 2008  |  My Life, Random

The weekend is so close but not close enough, I am going to be messed up this weekend, last weekend I was supposed to have tons of things that would stop it from being a weekend, instead it was postponed to this one.

Friday is my only rest day.

Saturday – Busy with Work Training

Sunday – Morning Shift – Then continuation of Work Training until 8pm

Monday – same as Sunday

Tuesday – Morning Shift – Then Meeting – Then immediately Evening Shift!

And so forth!  I am now exhausted, I want to sleep and rest but I don’t have time even for that.  Please give us another few days off so we can sleep!

Oh and question:  What do you think of the design so far and the addition of my Twitter Updates?

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  1. allah ya36eech il 3afya sexy :*

  2. oh I am working this weekend and this is not making me happy.

  3. my son came down with a fever last night and there goes my weekend plans

  4. I like it.. oo ya36eech el 3afyaa : **

  5. I like the way this is looking, and at least now the title of the books not full blown images of the covers.

    Alah ekoon fee 3oonich, it is tough and you have a lot ahead of you but you can forge ahead! Keep pushing, nothing is left until you complete your two years and you pick your choosing!

  6. ya3teekeki el 3afyeh ya rab… :smile:

  7. princess : Allah e3afeech Babes :*

    Big Pearls : I’m not experiencing many weekends aslan :s

    pearls : Salamat hon, I’m sorry to hear that :(

    3baid : Thanks dude! :)

    Vixen : Allah e3afech o it likes you too.

    Marzouq : LOL Oh well I’ll put more pics for you. Hehehe and it’s hard to keep pushing more :/ I’m burning out.