Stressed Out

June 14, 2008  |  My Life, Random

Ever since May 16th I have not got a chance to truly rest, to truly feel what it really means to have a good night’s sleep. It’s been crazy. Dad getting sick and being taken to the hospital has taken it’s toll on me in a way or another. It’s true that I took the first week off to stay with him and stuff, but it was so tiring, waking up picking up my sisters, going back home, then heading back to the hospital until evening. I still feel as if I am stressed out. No matter how long I try and sleep it’s like I am never sleeping enough.

Then going back to work and facing the non-ending dilemmas that customers put me through is a different sort of story. Not to mention the different hardships I face from certain colleagues whom I can’t function with at all. I am literally lacking sleep, lacking good nourishment (since I am skipping some meals or eating less), lacking the real fire that used to be in me. Now my schedule involves: waking up, dropping father off at Grandma’s so he doesn’t stay home alone, going to work, finishing work and picking up dad, going back home, going back to afternoon shift if I have any, then coming home late (around 9pm). But this week is a different story because well I have more work things to deal with.

I’m just so tired right now, and stressed out. I need a full day’s worth of sleep. I want to go shopping to at least look after myself again a bit more. I just want to not feel this way.

Plus, I just want an iPhone! Unlocked please.

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  1. ana abe iPhone b3ad :(

  2. new iPhone
    Shopping in New York
    ( the same old burger )
    3 months away from your work in Cleveland with Me.
    what do u think!
    Love u Dadavinci

  3. mwh … work is work. It’ll always be stressful, if the customers don’t get to you then your co-workers will…..

    (love the picture though)

  4. Ya36eech el 3afyah! What your doing is nothing short of amazing, seriously, even dealing with work.. I hope your dad gets better soon and things work out..

  5. theres an e where that w is. My bad. I have fat fingers.

  6. I need a sleep deprived way today!

  7. I haven’t read the earlier posts yet, mayshof shar el waled, o ya36eech el 3afiya enshalla all the effort you put in to stuff pays off :) I’m sure you’ll get the iPhone as a gift sooner or later hehe. Well deserved.

  8. i get what u were saying i felt the same way before i graduated it was hecktek so goodluck kil hatha jir you deserve an unlocked iphone and so do i :( hopefully we will get it this summer :P

  9. Good luck o Allah e3eenkom o yashfee el waled inshalla

  10. Ma yshoof shar alwaled, o kella bajraa inshallah

  11. Ma iyshof shar your dad.
    Hope you feel better.

  12. Cat : Let’s go live in the States and get one?

    davinci : I love you too Daddy! We should totally do that!

    KTDP : True that!

    Marzouq : I hope daddy gets better and things work out soon too. I still don’t know how you can post so much and juggle a more full schedule than I do. Bs even you, Ya36eek El 3afya and thanks alot for your nice words Zouk!

    KTDP : I don’t understand walla.

    Big Pearls : I need it even more! I want to book a massage but I don’t want to wake up early to go to it.

    N. : Elshar ma eyeek.. And why didn’t you read earlier posts :( You don’t like me anymore?! Hehehe yeah I want the iPhone whether it’s the new or old or both I don’t mind :P

    randomq80ya : Ugh I keep thinking how stupid was I to say that I want to graduate this quickly, college was so much better than working! It’s too hectic and I would never be able to work in a government really. Once you go private you can’t leave. Let’s go find us someone to get us unlocked iphones!

    Laialy_q8 : Thanks o Alla e3afech.

    om jood : El shar ma eyeeech thanks sweetie :*

    MiYaFuSHi : Thanks sweetie walla.. El shar ma eyeech. I hope I get more time for myself.