Diamonds Are A Girl’s Bestfriend

June 21, 2008  |  Fun, My Life, Random, Techie, Weekend

Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend, what better thing does any girl want than a pretty diamond to beautify this ugly dirty life right?  Well I am not talking about diamonds today but instead I wanted to bring to your attention that the HTC Touch Diamond is now out at Eureka and Jarir Bookstore both places selling it for 239KD.

I handled the device, touched it, turned it on, browsed some of its functions and thought it was cool, but not as cool as the iPhone.  One sad thing that I noticed was how poor and slow the response of moving one’s hands across the screen was.  Whereas the iPhone responds really quickly to ones touch, the Touch Diamond doesn’t and it took me a couple of clicks on the screen to go to places, hell it was a bit confusing.  But in the end it looks kinda cool.

If you read between the lines about you would realize that I went to Jarir Bookstore today, it was nice I had a good time, didn’t buy much stuff for myself but a couple of blank DVD’s, CD Slip Covers, a new Headset, and some Archie’s to read in the bathroom (yes I do that).  I also spent the day at Grandma’s where I met the latest addition to our family, she is such an amazing person and I am proud to have such a nice new Auntie, truly I am.  One thing I should mention is that she has a Macbook and loves Apple products, and that she owns a Sony Ericsson mobile phone and hates Nokia with all her heart.  What more could I want in such an Aunt?

Tomorrow it’s back to the gruelling schedule of work, work, and work! I hope I will survive this week better than I did last week.  In short, I am off to bed amigos, adios!

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  1. After getting the HTC touch I am very disappointed with the Microsoft OS, I really want to try Google’s Android OS.. I think its going to be much much better then Microsoft’s OS! My problem is that its too stiff, it has many good features but always annoying to use!

  2. OS X on the iPhone is the best mobile platform I’ve ever tried. Using Active Sync or the Task Manager for a phone is nerve wrecking!

  3. most mobile phone oses are crap.
    They don’t do anything very well TBH but overall I think symbian (and UIQ) are the most intuitive. Unfortunately they are also the most bland.

  4. HTC Touch Pro – search that and u will see the exact same phone as the touch diamond, but with a sliding QWERTY and better performance. oh and btw: there’s an upgrade for the responsiveness of the HTC diamond…dn’t know how good it is though.

    If only the 3G iPhone had 5MP…

  5. touch screen phones are very difficult to handle!
    i got me a touch phone .. lasted two months only, i then had to switch back with buttons :)

  6. Iphone takes the crown for now till the first batch of googles android equipped phones ship and we can see whats better. I’ll still go with an iphone though because I use ical extensively and all my contacts are in addressbook seamless integration is what it’s all about.

  7. Diamonds are a girls best friend :) but i can live with a low key phone

  8. My friend got it and also complains of its slowness.. thats just not fun at all

  9. “she has a Macbook and loves Apple products, and that she owns a Sony Ericsson mobile phone and hates Nokia with all her heart.”

    You have just described me right now. It seems your Auntie and I have a similar taste in gadgets and stuff. Speaking of that, I’m glad she wound up being a delightful person. :razz:

  10. defiantly an iphone i tried the htc and i did not like it i am so getting the 3g iphone and it is non-negotiable :P i do not think that any other phone will change my mind ;)

  11. Marzouq : Everyone is looking foward to the Android, I hate Windows phones completely I just can’t survive anymore with it. It crashes just too much!

    3baid : Exactly!!!

    KTDP : I am a UIQ user mostly well not really W910i is a Java phone so that’s what I’m using I used to follow with the applications and stuff not anymore. But iPhone would be coool.

    kwt23 : Saw that, and I agree the iPhone disappointed me in a few things that they didn’t update much in it, just shoved GPS and 3G

    no3ik : LOL they do confuse things. But at least they lasted 2 months!

    TAT : Exactly, iPhone integration is right out of the box for those who use Mac laptops/computers. Seriously!

    Laialy_q8 : LOL I can’t live with a low key phone.

    N. : They apparently updated the speed of it now.

    Angelo : LOL Yeah exactly!

    randomq80ya : Ugh when will they release the iPhone and get it over with!