The Weekend Between Heaven & Hell

June 30, 2008  |  Weekend

The weekend was really insane, I had fun and I was depressed as well.  Let’s start off by Thursday evening, I went back home at around 6:30 and decided to nap for a short while before Noor came on.  I woke up, mother was sick and stubborn about going to the doctor, however at midnight we ended up taking her to Mowasat which is crap by the way and I spent my night there until 4am when I got back home and into my bed.  What a way to start off the weekend right?

Friday, I had my colleague’s wedding to go to, she’s Egyptian so the wedding was mixed and damn was it a lot of fun! Early Friday I went out to get me something to wear and I decided on the white dress that you see above.  It’s the first time I got to attend a different wedding, hell I don’t go to wedding’s much but I am wishing that mine is like hers really.  In our Kuwaiti weddings, the bride basically just sits there and people dance in front of her or stare at her, as if she’s a movie or something.  Whereas, their wedding the bride is more interactive she gets to dance, all the guests get to dance with the bride and groom.  They have a slide show showing the bride and groom when they were young all the way to when they grew older.  They get to have lots of fun.  A wedding is about the bride and groom having fun not the guests really so I really  want mine similar to that.  All in all it was the best day I had in a long time, being with my work family and having fun at the same time!

Saturday, Grandma’s lunch and a day that was spent playing with the Nintendo Wii and going down to the beach and having some fun.  The kids swam in it, whereas I just walked into it and stood there, it was AWESOME! I relaxed but the heat was unbearable, we went around 5pm right before the sundown.  So in a way my weekend was in between but I did not have enough sleep, I have 4 days left therefore I am saving that up until later!

P.S. Mother got better by Friday.

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  1. 7amdella 3ala salamet your mom and akeed it must have been terrible for you

    As for our mixed weddings they are a blast huh! too bad for met7ajbat because we cannot “be free” with what to wear AHHHH

  2. nice dress btw….and salamat to ur mom…have a nice weekend :grin:

  3. guess ur weekend wasn’t bad after all..hope u enjoyed it:)

  4. everything seems fine except the part where your mom gets sick il7imdilah ina she’s fine now ;) and about the wedding yeah weddings should be fun for the bride and groom to!!

  5. seems like you had an interesting weekend! Salamat el waldah mat shoof shar!

  6. 7amdilla 3ala salamat omich!

    You know we could haven’t mixed weddings in Kuwait.. I’ve been to a few and they are always a ton of fun! :)

  7. hahaha… and i love the picture of the guy with a paper bag on his head… can i steal the idea?

  8. chika : Allah esalmech babes, and yeah I know but they are still the most amazing thing!

    Swair : LOL! Shfeeech!

    Maze : Thanks sweets, and allah esalmek. It was great wasn’t it.

    Big Pearls : I did enjoy parts of it.

    randomq80ya : It’s the bride and groom’s day not everyone else’s therefore it should totally be fun! Hehehe and yeah it was a good weekend so far.

    Marzouq : Allah esalmek and yeah it was an interesting weekend.

    iRise : We should totally have the mixed weddings here, but some families are just too weird. Oh and yeah you can steal the idea.