KU 101: New York via London

July 7, 2008  |  Cleveland '08, My Life

Our flight was the next day, Saturday the 5th of July at 9:30am and it wasn’t a direct flight therefore it was kind of annoying to be on, the only good thing was that we had some nice seats in the J-Class and that made it somewhat tolerable.  Kuwait Airways has changed I guess to the worst since I have flown on it before because J Class is becoming like Economy class as in they don’t take care of you that well.  We were handed those wet towels before take off except they weren’t hot nor were they wet, just had a tiny bit of moisture and was pointless really.  The food on the flight was somewhat weird, I did however like the Lamb chop with potato lunch since it was delicious!

I tried to sleep on the flight to London but didn’t get much sleep only a 2 hours or so, but we did arrive on time there, and we went through the gate kind of quickly since we had Dad on a wheelchair.  I was impressed with the shopping that you can do at Heathrow airport, it’s like you don’t have to leave at all, everything was there.  I also enjoyed looking at the scenary when we were landing, I actually noticed Big Ben, London Bridge, the Thames River and more.  It was awesome fun!

A few short hours later we got on the connecting flight to New York where I managed to get us an upgrade to First Class, the seats were so much better and well I managed to sleep almost all of the flight back, I read for a few hours but slept for the rest.  Didn’t even bother to wake up and eat dinner.  Figuring out the scenary this time wasn’t that easy but still it was fun.

The airport however wasn’t that much fun, JFK International Airport has gotten really strict, we spent almost 2 hours at Immigration for Dad, not that I needed much but still it was too long and Dad was getting tired for most of the time.  Eventually we made it through and headed to Holiday Inn JFK to spend the night before our next connecting flight.

Sorry for the length of the post, I just couldn’t help it, we left on the 6th of July from JFK International to Cleveland, Ohio.  Unfortunately not many pictures were taken there but I will post more about my first day in Cleveland when I get back home today.  Enjoy amigos!

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  1. yeeey you made it! nice pics..

  2. Oooh the cam takes nice pics!! Post more soon!

  3. Food on business and first class is good, one of the best things you can get on their planes, plus I like their first class seats, reminds me of my lazy boy.

    The New York overnights, hated them.

  4. Love the pics! el7amdilla 3ala el salama :*

  5. miss you, hope ur daddy gets better soon ;*

  6. Like you said Kuwait Airways has gone from bad to worse, and its not going to get better any time soon..

    7amdilla you guys had a decent flight and you are almost there!

  7. I don’t recall the windows on the airplane being scratch free :O

  8. chika : Thanks and yes I did, it sure is nice to have pics along with text isn’t it?

    sister no 4 : I will do that! Hopefully!

    Purgatory : Hehehe I agree.

    Swair : Allah esalmech and I love them too.

    Big Pearls : Thanks now don’t you agree that pictures are much better than words?

    ananyah : Miss you too and I hope he will feel better soon too.

    Marzouq : Exactly! But thanks anyways!

    3baid : Well mine was :s