Leaving Kuwait

July 7, 2008  |  Kuwait, My Life

Since I have a lot of pictures and I don’t want the post to get so huge I thought I would break it into a few parts so why not I start right ahead.

Before I left Kuwait I was wrapping up loose ends at work on Thursday and family on Friday.  It was crazy really I have never travelled this way before, you know booking a flight and flying immediately 1 day after I finish work.  I always like to have some spare time to prepare you know just in case something should happen but oh well.  Thursday was quite a fun day at work, not really that fun but cool in a way, all my colleagues who left the branch came back to have one last lunch with me before I left for 2 months, and it was awesome, they even got me parting gifts, a new Sony Digital Camera with the Smile Recognition feature, I wanted the 13.1mp one but it was out of stock therefore I made due with the 8.1mp and it’s cool.  It’s the W130 I believe.  I also got some nice dress pieces to wear in the States and well the best gift of all was the shrimps we ordered for lunch it was awesome!

Friday however was a marathon day, I had to finish buying my supplies for the States and wrap everything up nicely with family and all.  I spent most part of the day at Grandma’s with Auntie J and my Uncles and well I played the Nintendo Wii one last time, I even hung out with my cousins and little sisters.  It was fun, look at me saying goodbye to my Grandma’s scarecrow or even her garden.

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  1. Why would anyone have a scarecrow in Kuwait? We do not get crows.

  2. To scare way ugly faces…

  3. *away

  4. Ya7lailhum! Yala its nice to get away from all the routine!

  5. Purgatory : Because my grandma is cool! And there were annoying birds that kept eating her Teen trees.

    Sister no 4 : Like yours?

    Marzouq : Yeah it totally is!