Cleveland – Day Six

July 12, 2008  |  Apple, Cleveland '08, Food, My Life

After our last adventure at the hospital, where both my sister and I fainted we ventured again to see our dad, however this time he was out of the ICU and into a room.  He had most of the tubes out except for his Chest Tube but I tried not to see it, it’s overwhelming and I just can’t handle seeing it or seeing his incision, I glimpsed at it but I couldn’t just see it, I just can’t.  So anyways we headed to the hospital in the morning after having a good night’s sleep and having breakfast at the hotel, and saw my dad.  He was doing much better, he could speak a bit more this time, although we told him not to.  We spent a few hours with him, and then at around 2pm we headed out.

It was Friday the 11th of July! iPhone 3G Day!  So I convinced my sister that we should go to Legacy Village, where they had an Apple Store to check it out, and while we were there to have lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory, which is what happened.

We called, Dell the Taxi driver to take us there and on the way I saw the most amazing scenary, I am going to try and not write much just give you the pictures that will explain it all.

We reached Legacy Village and had our lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory, I had the Grilled Skirt Steak which was amazingly awesome! The best steak ever! And then well I made my sister stand in line with me at the Apple Store (but that will be left for another post) for now I want you guys to enjoy some of the pictures that I took.

Before we left Legacy Village to go home, we found out that a Live Concert was happening outside and people were gathering, no one that famous but it was nonetheless cool.

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  1. 7amdilla el waled is getting better! Did you get your iPhone yet or what?

    Cheese Cake Factory, always a good time! :)

  2. inshalla yit7asan akthar oo akthar, aameen.
    WOW!!! I’m so jealous…first beautiful weather, clean roads, green plants, CHEESECAKE FACTORY (which is my favorite restaurant!!!), ooo a live concert!!! I am SO jealous! :P … keep snapping pics. I’m loving this blog, killa na6ir for more posts ;)

  3. i love cheesecake factory!

    glad ur dad is out of icu!

  4. Best wishes for your dad’s recovery

    And the food looks delicious

    Nice photos

  5. Ribs, yum

  6. Marzouq : Allah esalmek, yeah Cheesecake factory is awesome and no I had to get 2 years of a contract with AT&T in order to get it ;s

    kwt23 : Hehehehe this blog loves you back and yeah there are a lot of nice things to do here.

    eshda3wa : Who doesn’t love the cheesecake factory and thanks sweetie :)

    jewaira : Thanks sweetie for your sweet wishes :)

    Purgatory : Not ribs, steak ;P