I Stood In Line for iPhone 3G!

July 13, 2008  |  Apple, Cleveland '08, Fun, My Life

Friday, July 11th 2008, was the day that the iPhone 3G was released all around the world, in the US too! I thought that it wouldn’t get that much coverage here in Cleveland, or that it wouldn’t be that interesting, not like New York and the other States, but how I was wrong.

Some, like my sister Fee, might call me a freak, an Apple Geek, or someone who doesn’t have anything better to do. But I wanted to at least experience one thing like this. So once we arrived at Legacy Village I checked out the line and decided we should have lunch first then check it it would be less a bit.

At around 3:57 pm Cleveland time, I joined the line, it wasn’t that huge in comparison to other places, and there was this Apple Dude updating us on the supply status and wait time. He told us it would be about a 2 hour wait and I said hey why not. I started my journey.

Standing there in line with all those Mac Geeks, was cool, I got to start a couple of conversations here and there. I met this cool teenager, who thought I was still in High School, he was like, “Which grade are you in?” I was like “I work, but thanks for the compliment.” We talked a bit and shared MacRumors stories, as well as Apple Stories. It was awesome! I told the kid I was in line just to see the iPhone, he kept on trying to convince me to buy one since I waited this long, he also asked if he could go in front of me, and I said sure why not. He even offered to sell me his old iPhone 8GB for 50$ but I told him no it’s okay you promised it to your sister to just give it to her. The line kept moving slowly and soon it was 2 hours since I’ve joined. There was still some time until I would get to the door. 3 hours and a half into the line I was almost near the door and the boys mother joined us. They are Greek, she thought I was young too and tried to hook me up with her kid, she actually said you guys are a match made in heaven. We talked a bit more and by 8:00 pm Cleveland time I entered the store.

I knew about the stupid new rules, which state you have to activate in the store but I wanted to try my luck. In the end, it didn’t matter at least I got in and saw and touched a real life iPhone 3G! *Sigh* It was an awesome experience. Although the back is plastic and feels a bit cheap in your hands, it’s quite nicely done. The phone felt nice and the Apps were cool. Although I’m still a major fan of the old iPhone’s aluminum back! It was an amazing day and experience, and I can finally say I waited in line on launch day for the iPhone 3G! Sadly enough I didn’t have one to show for my effort.

P.S. We even got some media coverage, Fox News, and 19 Action News.

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  1. that’s like super interesting! now I’m broke and I want one.

  2. Nothing beats the old iPhone’s aluminum back!!!!

  3. wow isnt jaxie obsessed?? :*

  4. Looks like at least you did something that you wanted to do for a long time! Wait in front of an Apple store for some sort of launch! hahaha! IT seems lots of people didn’t get one, hopefully you will get one in due time!


  6. Well the pics quite say the whole story … i’m loving ur posts, it’s like Marzouq’s with 20+pics in one post!!! (except marzouq posts pics of motorbikes:P) btw: Marzouq where have u been? no posting?? …. :(

  7. olaa!

    all that wait so can just LOOK at it!

    man u must really love apple!

  8. Oh my god Ju sorry to say bas 7adich fathya :P LooooooL!!!!!!!!!
    No more work emails!!

  9. OK, first of all, I’m loving your waiting pose; it’s so full of character. The weather in Cleveland seems remarkable, I never went there but sure want to now.

    Nice coverage, and it sure gives Faux, I mean Fox News a run out of its money. Hey, you might didn’t get the iPhone but at least you get a compliment…and that’s nice :razz:

  10. Hmmmm you waited for 3 hours and a half just to touch it, I think after such experiance you need therapy :twisted: (poor baby)

  11. akeed u bought it! :razz:

  12. How is ur dad

    is he recovering will

    send him my regards

    ur sis

  13. Ohhh… so tempting!!! I want one too but AT&T is the worst phone company EVER!!!!

  14. Well at least you were there during the launch day. I had to get back to Kuwait just ONE day before the launch day, and I way in NY :-(

  15. Moey : Can you join my club, the I want iPhone Club! Hehee

    Amjad : I know but still the new iPhone’s reception is better with the plastic. So it’s a hard decision.

    princess : She is very obsessed.

    Marzouq : Exactly now I can tell my great grandkids that their great grandma waited in line back in the day for an iPhone!

    randomq80ya : Join my club :(

    kwt23 : LOL They are better than Marzouq’s :P If I do say so myself!

    eshda3wa : I do, I love Apple so much! Why don’t they love me back!

    Chirp : LOL 7ady hehehe and yeah so sad! My email will be forever lonely!

    Angelo : Hehehe compliments are not worth an iPhone but yeah hehehe I think my pose speaks so much for how much I’m sure of myself LOL! Hehehe

    Icila : Hehehehehe No honey you will need the therapy if I get my iPhone I will forever bother you with it ;P

    Maze : Sadly no :(

    al-zain : My dad is better and he is recovering nicely although he’s still in pain. Thanks alot sweets for your words :)

    iRise : I know why don’t they just release it UNLOCKED DAMMIT! Just like their beautiful iPods and other gadgets!

    G-Funk : In NY you would’ve waited a long time just to get inside. Hehehe It was crazy on Launch day!

  16. I was in Holland on the 11th of July and it was released there in T-Mobile stores. Funny I didn’t have to stand in line cuz there was almost nobody at the store. I walked in, grabbed the 3G and tortured it a little checking it’s specs and features… Then after satisfying my fingers and eyes I got the shocking news that even there in Europe I won’t be able to buy it without a two year plan. I thought that was only AT&T’s policy! Bummer. :mad:

    If you find a way to get it, even black-market, just keep me updated, please.

  17. MacaholiQ8 : Well Mark just posted about a way to get it but it’s still too expensive. I got it off of ebay for an okay price but it’s still locked, I can unlock it using Sim-Adapters but that includes cutting your SIM Card and so nothing official yet about the unlocking process. It will come soon though to the Middle East not to worry.