Cleveland – Day Seven & Eight

July 14, 2008  |  Cleveland '08, Doing Good, My Life

I am combining days Seven & Eight together since I didn’t go out much and since I won’t be posting up any pictures *sorry everyone* but Saturday and Sunday were quite slow for me.

Let’s start off with Saturday the 12th of July, after my crazy 4 hour wait in line for the iPhone 3G, which I didn’t get by the way since I had to have a contract, I decided to spend the entire day with Pops.  We got to the hospital at around 9am or 10am and spent all day with him.  He still had his chest tube inside and was still in so much pain.  On a scale from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest level of pain, he kept on feeling a 7.  They put him on some morphine for the pain and he was being monitored greatly.  All in all it was a nice relaxing day for all of us, we skyped back home, it seems that Grandma is basically living with us in the hospital since we talk to her so much, she worries about her oldest son, so we have to ease her worry.  We then got home at around 5pm or 6pm and I waited until Noor came on, watched the episode then slept due to a huge headache I was having.

Sunday, the 13th of July, I woke up a bit late since I got up in the night and still felt the pain, so I took Panadol Night, and went back to sleep.  So I kind of got to the hospital late, at around 10:30am rather than 9, my sister Fee was there though and she was there when they took his chest tube out.  He looked much better but still had to remain on his Oxygen since he was a smoker and he felt short of breath.  We spent more time with him and stayed until around 7pm before we went to the drug store nearby and grabbed us some microwavable dinners, I loved the Lasagna dinner so yummy.  Oh and we skyped our sister Dee, while we were eating at the hotel to make her feel that we were all around each other.  In the end I slept so much later and it rained also.  The weather is absolutely amazing to the extent that I almost blew away from the huge gusts of wind.

*Jealous anyone?*

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  1. 7amdilla 3ala Salamat el waaled, it looks like he is getting better. At least you guys are preoccupying him which is good.

    Hopefully you get your iPhone since there were a lot of disappointed people out there.

  2. I got confused shweyya :P … is ur father getting better (inshalla). And yes, we had some dust here while u have cool breezes, of course we are jealous :P

  3. yeah im definitely jealous!

  4. I hope that 7 moves closer to 0, soon. My father in law had the same operation almost 10 years ago in cleavland too, he’s now well and kicking. He stopped smoking, eats healthy, takes a lot of pills and is now better than ever. I’m sure your dad will get back to normal soon, inshallah. And don’t double post again, that gives us a day with no posts:p

    P.S. Jealous? Naaah, today a breeze of hot air threw sand in my face! You know how fagi3 sometime tastes sandy? Well, everything does now!

  5. I wish you and your father all the best.

    I used to live 30 minutes away from cleveland so yeah i am feeling a bit jealous. But I usually saw cleveland at night rather than morning.

  6. Marzouq : Allah esalmek and yeah I really want that damn phone!

    kwt23 : Yeah he is getting better but with difficulty and the weather here kicks the weather back home :P

    eshda3wa : Yaaay :P But why?

    Myk : Hopefully and I’m glad your father in law feels better and yeah its better when you get dust everywhere.

    Traveleer : Hehehe I don’t go out much at night yet! I’m hoping to do so soon. When the rest of the family gets here and I can make sure someone is with Daddy!