Cleveland – Days Thirteen – Fifteen

July 22, 2008  |  Cleveland '08, My Life

Well at least I didn’t double post, instead I triple posted and the sad thing about this post is that I won’t put up any pictures simply because I don’t have much.  With Daddy out of the hospital we are spending most of our time in the hotel and so I’m getting lazier.

Friday the 18th of July was a very boring day, Dad was back home with us and we were just dealing with things it was just normal for us, lunch was pretty boring and generic as was dinner.  I mean seriously I don’t even have enough things to fill more than 3 lines.

Saturday the 19th of July, was a somewhat exciting day! Ever since the iPhone 3G’s release I have been playing a bit on eBay by bidding on some iPhone 3G’s and I kept losing the bids, well low and behold that on this Saturday I actually won a bid! I won the iPhone 3G 16GB Black MODEL UNLOCKED! If I were to tell you the price you would tell me I was crazy or something but bear in mind that the unlocked models are already really expensive starting anywhere from 800$ to 1400$, I got mine for a simple 860$ (not that simple but well you get the picture) and well I will have it soon with me.  Other things that happened were insignificant that day because well nothing tops getting a sold out iPhone 3G Black 16GB Model!

Sunday the 20th of July, was also a normal day, however, it was the day we moved out from our suite to a larger one, one with two bedrooms and a connecting door! It’s so much spacier and cooler than the one before but I miss the bed covers and the fact that the other room had 4 pillows per bed, I sleep on 4 pillows really.  I also had an adventure that day, because when I bought the iPhone well, I had to wire the money to Western Union and that in itself was an adventure.  I didn’t know that they were closed on Sundays, so I spent almost an hour or two walking to the nearby Western Union shop to find out it was closed and all.  The journey wasn’t that brief but consisted a lot of unnecessary details.  Otherwise things with my father and sister are well.

Dad is recovering nicely and so am I ;P I guess that’s enough for now but Monday was quite a busy day for me and I’ll be sure to write that post a bit earlier than these.

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  1. tnx god all is fine :)

  2. al7emdalla for your dad’s recovery.
    and mabroook 3alach your new phone. i wish i was that into phones! for me, as long as i can talk with it and send/recieve messeges, im more than satisfied :)

  3. $860 for an iPhone when the actual price is $299!! :shock: who cares if it was unlocked.. the unlocking process is WAY too simple to cost me that much !!! you should have asked first :wink:

  4. boosale7 : Thanks and yeah Thanks God for that! :)

    adaydreamer : Hehehe alla ebarek feech and yeah I know sometimes its crazy with technology.

    G-Funk : I tried to get it for 299$ but it required getting it with a contract :) So no use there. But oh well.