A Walk In The Rain

August 28, 2008  |  Cleveland '08

Earlier today I posted about how I wasn’t going to do anything major but instead Dad and I decided to go out and walk down to University Circle, a place where lots of Museums and such existed.  The scenary was unbelievable and the fact that it was raining added to it’s beauty.  So what we did was take the Blue Line Shuttle to the Guest House Hotel and started walking from there since it is quite a walk.  Around 4km and it was awesome.  I think that whatever I say now is not going to do it justice so I took a TON of pictures and I’m going to insert it as a Gallery rather than separates so you can see them all together.

Oh, and for our late lunch/dinner we went to Sergio’s a Mediterranean small place and I had a Filet Mignon while Dad had the trout.  In our path we passed by the Cleveland Museum of Art, Botanical Gardens, Case Western Reserve University, and of course the Fine Arts Park.  Enjoy the pictures.

Dee & Fee I wish you were there with us.

The Cleveland Clinic Guesthouse

The Cleveland Clinic Guesthouse

Sorry for the amount of pictures but I took even more and these are some of my ultimate favorites.  Comment on those you like most :)  Sorry again.

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  1. Oh, the place looks great! Very cool pictures too. :) Good that you’re having such a good time.

  2. the pictures look amazing like the single tree one the most btw what camera do you use?

  3. wow.

    I love the place.

    I wish Richmond, VA was more like that.

    are you guys there for medical purposes?

  4. Woooow, that place is soo pretty! And the weather seems amazing, I so wish I was there.

  5. Very nice! But I would take West Coast over this any day of the week! :)

  6. N. : Yeah enjoying the green scenary since I knew I wouldn’t be seeing much when I get back home :P

    TAT : I used my Sony DSC – W Series I forgot which one it’s 8.2mps. It’s great isn’t it?

    salah : Yeah we were, and I wish Kuwait was more like that!

    Zainoba : Hehehehe it’s so beautiful if only we experienced that weather but then again at least we don’t have hurricanes. Oh wait we do.

    Marzouq : I wanna go to Miami or LA to go to the beaches. Seriously I’m not joking!