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September 14, 2008  |  Kuwait, My Life

So it’s been almost a week and a few days since I got back from the States, and every day I ask myself the following question:


“What made me come back?”

Living abroad in some peace and quiet always beats the things I have to deal with back home.  Like today for example, I was having Fitour at Grandma’s as our usual tradition but I am thinking of suggesting to Grams to make it on Thursday rather than Saturday as it is quite hectic that day.  And the kids were running around and yelling and all I was doing was yelling at them to either be quiet or go inside and play since it is really really loud!  I developed a headache and seriously I just can’t take kids noise again.

My work life, I’m back to being the Joker around the Branch, I seriously have mastered mostly all of the positions except two and those I don’t know maybe soon I’d master them too.  I feel that I did gain all that experience but in the end it’s going to be pointless as I am not that interested in this field that I’m in.  I am waiting until March next year and then making my move.  Well I already started searching around.  Purg I might be taking you up on your suggestion, just finding myself a location there.


I miss blogging, I miss finding my old blogging self I feel that I burned out recently and it’s not fun at all I want to go back to being FUN!

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  1. take it easy babe w eshallah kel shy yet3adal :*

  2. I wonder what brought me inside this post, must be my special powers of Manga

  3. Its just something that you have to deal with, I felt alittle burnt out recently but I concentrated on other things to keep myself occupied and enjoying the moment! :)

  4. i stopped going to yam3at because of the kids
    yb6oon elrass!

  5. Cat : Enshalla and I am hehe.

    Purgatory : Yes they are and you have been quiet recently very very quiet!

    pearls : Thanks babes :)

    Marzouq : That’s great and it’s something I’m working on!

    eshda3wa : Hehehehe I knowwwwwwwwwww!