2 Sick Leaves!

September 15, 2008  |  iPhone

Two are out on sick leaves that leaves me to do mostly all of the work and I get yelled at for not doing others jobs!!! I’m currently scanning papers see!

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  1. the Kuwaiti work ethic strikes again …… :roll: :roll: .

  2. Wait for next week, you might be the only one at Branch

  3. KTDP : They suck well one of them wasn’t actually a full sick leave, it was the trainee and they had a test scheduled today but still.

    Purgatory : :(

    Cat : Ajma3een babes.

  4. Its only a matter of time until you leave!!! Thats just ridiculous!

  5. Marzouq : I know it’s only that although I got some semi-good news something I shouldn’t know.