Happy Eid

October 1, 2008  |  Eid

Happy Eid to Everyone!

3eedkom Embarak o 3asakom Mn 3awada :)


Instead of me going onto every blog and wishing the same people over and over again.  I thought why not wish them here :P  Inshalla you guys have fun with those few days off, I know I am planning on it.

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  1. Ayamich sa3eeda.
    Hope you had a great one.

  2. Happy 3eed 3ala el jame3 o 3laich inshalla :> :mrgreen:

  3. ayamich sa3eeda ….

  4. MacaholiQ8 : Same to you too :)

    Big Pearls : Thanks hon :)

    Frankom : Ayamik sa3eda inshalla I take Apple products as 3eediya :)

    KTDP : Same to you :)