iPhone App: Camera Bag

October 11, 2008  |  Apple, Favorite Apps, iPhone

I love this application, I love it so much that I actually purchased it for 2.99$.

It’s basically a photography tool in which you take a picture with it and add an effect to it from a few different cameras.  The effects available are:

  • Helga
  • 1974
  • Cinema
  • Lolo
  • 1962

It’s just simply lovely, although it could be a bit faster it’s a great app to have on your iPhone and fun too.  Check out some of the pics I took with it today on the beach or better yet check one the different effects I put on one pic.

Helga Effect

1974 Effect

Cinema Effect

Lolo Effect

1962 Effect

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  1. Wow, didn’t think the iPhone could process images like this :D

  2. Issue is that that the quality of the iPhone camera itself leaves a lot to be desired :( I wish they’d pay more attention to that.

  3. 3baid : Seriously?

    Bojacob : I know had it been a nice 3.2mp with auto focus and macro mode ugh it would be amazing I don’t care about anything higher but that would be good enough to tide me over.

    Laialy_q8 : Thanks

  4. Nice app, but the camera is a bit disappointing though!

  5. Its too bad the authors of the app misspelled two of the filters.

    HELGA is spelled HOLGA
    LOLO is actually referencing the LOMO camera

    other than that, excellent app!

  6. Looks cool. The Holga looks close. I have one. If you shoot near the sun or a bright light you should be able to mimic the light leak effect as well.
    Here is a shot with a Holga: http://tinyurl.com/5k89kf
    Notice the halo and lens flare.

    Here is a shot with an iPhone with some lens flare: http://tinyurl.com/5bkqhu

    Of course this is also an unadulterated iPhone photo with halo. I have no idea how I achieved it, I took it in a car at dusk: http://tinyurl.com/5fnose

  7. Marzouq : I don’t know I like it :) It’s great as a 2mp

    gcho : Oh well but they meant well I guess hehe

    Michael : Those are some nice shots and yeah they are really close to the real deal I’m loving it!