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October 14, 2008  |  Apple, Birthday, I want.., My Life, New Products


I don’t know what more to say really but the newly redesigned Macbooks are now something I am craving more than the air I breathe.  No seriously, they are such beautiful machines, they are competing with my Macbook Air and you know there is no competition there.

The Macbook Air has the beauty but the Macbook has the beauty and the brains to go with it.  I just know that I want one for my birthday and I don’t care how but I will be getting one, whether I spoil myself again this year or I get it as a gift it’s going to be mine!

So Apple held their event today and announced their new notebook manufacturing system, by using whole pieces of Aluminum and such.  And at the same time they announced their redesigned gorgeous Macbook and Macbook Pro, but of course we get two models each.

And the 17 Inch Macbook Pro is still the same but it will be getting a similar treatment soon.

On top of that we got a price cut on the existing White Macbook from 1099$ to 999$ which means even with your student discount you could get a White one for 900$ which is awesome.

They also introduced the new 24 Inch Cinema Display with built in i-Sight and charging system for the new Macbooks and Macbook Pros.

The Macbook Air’s got a 120GB HDD upgrade in both HDD format and 128GB SSD format as well.  Let’s not forget that the graphics card is much better than before now.

The more I talk about this the more I don’t do it justice so I’ll just leave you with a picture that’s tearing me apart to describe the excitement I’m feeling.

P.S. I think I should seriously start building an Apple Room :/

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  1. Very nice! I know who is going to max out her credit card! I like the 13inch Mac Book Pro! These are going to sell like hot cakes!

  2. Marzouq : There are no such thing as a 13″ Macbook Pro, The 13″ is a MacBook, The 15″ is the MacBook Pro, Apple kept the low end original MacBook and went with the new Aluminum encasing MacBook.

    Jacquie : I suggest that you wait for the Next refresh, by MacWorld “early next January” apple will be refreshing their line of Mac’s , so if you don’t REALLY need one now, don’t get it.. Apple will refresh all models, Mind you that the 17″ MacBook PRo is still in the same old enclouser but has been upgraded. So apple will also Change it to reflect the new design. all of that would be announced either later this year or early next. “Don’t say That I didn’t tell you so :-)”

  3. Pumpkin seed,
    Do you go throught blog layouts,
    as I go through loads of laundry???

    Control this fetish,
    and you dont look like Anges….you look better :-)

  4. I agree with the way the new macbooks look. Nice sleek glossy finish with the glass and all. But then again, when are they going to put a hi def slot in there??!! I mean, a 13.1″ Vaio has blu ray now. There is just no excuse for that.

  5. kwt23 : That’s because Sony is the inventor of Blu-Ray technology, They have to support their inventions and sales :-)

  6. G-Funk: yeah i know that…but i mean, what new laptop doesn’t have hi def? especially when apple dubbed its new line “the next gen of notebooks”. what next generation notebook doesn’t have hi def??!! Plus, MB Pro is a multimedia 15″ laptop…there is just no excuse.

  7. kwt23 : not alot of “new laptops” have HD! infact most laptops these days still rock the acient “VGA” , not to mention the standard res screens, In addition, Apple is the only complany that sells computers that can handel HD content extreamly well, Try opening HD movies in H.264 format (and I mean HI RES movies , not the ones you download from the net where the whole movie is about 1GB) and it won’t hicup .

    I’m sure that apple have the plans of pulling out a fully featured notebook “with full HD pereferals” soon, but they are keeping an eye out to the latest standards and will introduce an ultimate notebook or desktop in the near future. “Mark my words” :cool:

  8. yeah, that’s probably apple’s move…in february of next yr probably, they will upgrade the macbooks a little and tweak them…Apple are just so good with marketing

  9. iWant! As soon as the 2.8Ghz processor is available I’m going for it. :mrgreen:

  10. In three words (( Finally its here )).

  11. Marzouq : Hehehe I love the 13incher as well hehe and yes I might just do that :P

    G-Funk : There won’t be any refresh done for the Macbooks that early but it probably will be something new for the other stuff. But the Macbook suits my needs :P

    your battlefield :Yes I do and you do laundry more than I go through layouts and why Agnes?

    kwt23 : Hi-Def isn’t that important to me hehe but it’s such a cool laptop :P

    MacaholiQ8 : I’m going with the 2.4Ghz Macbook ;)

    BeLLo : Where here?