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October 21, 2008  |  Blog News, iPhone

I choose to go back to the new template since I want something to push me forward into fixing it. And it’s still got an issue you can see below.

Anyways I moved into a new office with a door now and I’m actually bored with nothing to do because they didn’t install me my phone line so I’m speding most of my time socializing also I’m on a career search.

Oh I want to take the ICDL anyone know where to apply for it and what are requirements?

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  1. Well I dont know what ICDL is but if I know what it is I might dig for some info ^^

  2. Mabrook :)

    I’m taking ICDL right now in Kuwait University :P I dont know if you can register there if you want, because my work sent me there for a total of 5 weeks training course.
    and I BELIEVE it costs only 45 KD (I think more but there is a total of 7 exams each = 5 KD + 10 KD for your skills card).

    for more approved ICDL centers

  3. Congrats :-) .. Keep the good spirit up ;-)

  4. what is up with everyone and this ICDL?? is it really that important??

  5. Mabrook! I love the new design. Polished, stylish and neat. You should consider taking this up as a career.


    Whats ICDL? Good luck with it!

  7. There’s a ”dodgy” hospitality and catering college in Hawalli, I know a friend that did hers there, there are a few other places you can do it.. it’s quite expensive, but you could always find one online and just change the name on it to you :P

  8. G : ICDL is the International Computing Driving License or something like that :)

    Frankom : Thanks sweetie :)

    Environmental : Thanks dude for the info, that’s helpful I should see if I can do anything in my spare time :)

    G-Funk : Thanks will do :)

    Laialy_q8 : It’s a great addition to your CV :)

    Brighlightz : Thanks sweetie, the problem is I can’t take designing as a career coz sometimes you’d just lose it :s

    Marzouq : I know but this one is nice too :P

    twentythree : Hehehehe I already find templates online and work on them either to change most of it or to modify it slightly like this one.