Jacqui on the Couch

October 27, 2008  |  Spotted

Spotted:  Jacqui  chilling on the couch an hour or so ago, with a bucket of Baskin & Robins’ Icecream (5 scoops of Chocolate Mousse & 5 scoops of Rainbow) and 2 bananas devouring them with a need to fill a void while browsing through the different Showtime Channels until she landed between two channels, ShowSeries Extra, which was showing Desperate Housewives – Season 4, and ShowComedy which was showing The Colbert Report & The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

You could easily see her taking a bite from a banana and following it with a spoon filled with chocolate mousse and rainbow.  The look in her eyes as she slowly devours it is priceless but then again this is her way of dealing with her stressful work life.

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  1. damn!! Seems like you have your hands full these days! I’m just taking it easy for now and not causing too much trouble!

  2. yeah i do watch them on showtime too ..
    HOUSE seson 4 starting next thursday .. cant wait !

  3. I haven’t had an Ice cream for some time now ^^

  4. take it from a person who does nothing but stuff her face with icecream to deal with stress..

    buy a treadmill instead

  5. Marzouq : Lucky you!

    Cat : I don’t follow House alot walla.

    Laialy_q8 : Yes yum yum yum!

    G : You should have it again!

    eshda3wa : hehehehe I am too lazy for a treadmill but should invest in that soon.