Spotted: J in the Avenues

November 1, 2008  |  Kuwait, Spotted

Spotted:  J walking around in the Avenues with her Aunt.  The look of wonder did not leave her face as she realized this is the first time in months to be there.  Last time she was at the Avenues it was around March/April and we are starting November now so you can do the math.

J looks around and finds different things, feels the place is a bit more different, but the people are the same.  Is this the place where many juvenile fights took place?  Is this what Kuwait has become?  ran those thoughts in her little mind.

J enters a couple of shops to check out the merchandise but ends up purchasing just one jacket from Forever 21 and leaving the mall 2 hours later.  Could it be that she has lost all her shopping urges or could it be that no amount of retail therapy can cure her blues?


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  1. xoxo? lol

    I like how you are talking about yourself in the third person now! Works! hehehe

    I think you need electronics retail therapy! lol

  2. Marzouq : Hehehe I do I totally do hehe and you like it ha? I guess I will continue down this path :)