Spotted: One Click Away

November 10, 2008  |  Apple, Birthday, My Life, My New Toys, Spotted

Spotted:  Little J clicking on a certain button at a certain website.  Queen J has been quite down in the dumps what with the flu and the stress at work, and what better way can her spirits be lifted up than by a click of her mouse button.

So, as an early birthday present from Daddy J, she clicked here, and purchased a modified version of this.  I guess it’s going to be fun time next week for our little J.


Gossip Girl

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  1. Congrats :D, Btw where did you get it from apple caught my aramex account :P

  2. Mabroook.. Etkasreena bil 3afya :-)

  3. Congrats on getting it! :)

  4. G : I got it from (duh! it’s mentioned in screenshot) Hehehe but I already have an American Account so I just charged it there.

    3baid : Thanks doooode!

    G-Funk : Allah ebarek feeek and thanks hon hehehe won’t break it though!

    Marzouq : Yeah I k now wooohoooo!

    MacaholiQ8 : Order the Pro :P Hehehe and thanks doooode!