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December 10, 2008  |  Birthday, My Life, Random, Rants

I miss blogging and more.  I miss my old self but enough about this missing stuff.  It’s been such a crazy year and crazy time but it’s almost over and here’s to hoping 2009 will bring us the much needed joy in every aspect of it.  Let’s just hope the world will be a better place and right all again.

What have I been up to lately?

– I’ve been meaning to write up that post about my Macbook but I still didn’t get a chance hopefully in a few hours or so I will be able to do that.

– I’ve been over-worked last week since I’m one of the oldest staff-er’s in the place so I have to keep an eye out on things and make sure they flow right.  We got a temp to fill in for the Asst. Manager but she keeps on pretending she doesn’t know jack shit, until I called her out on it, and maybe just maybe yelled at her for it.  She drove me insane, she did not want to take responsibility for the actual things that she was responsible for and I was basically the messenger on behalf of the Manager who is away most of the time on a studying course.  But I rectified that problem by having her replaced and being kept there to see my actual power in things.  No one messes with me and gets away with it.  Seriously ;)

– My birthday was this past Thursday, actually this last week was the week I cried the most in, I was under so much stress that if anyone were to give me that bear hug, I would’ve just cried right then and there again.  But back to my birthday I had no celebrations whatsoever, I even stayed at work until 4pm-ish and that was even after me getting mad and calling up the Manager and giving him a piece of my mind.  I get how everyone has to help out and I am doing my best here but don’t ask me to help out and have everyone dump their shit on my head.

– I got sick a day or two later and I still am, yesterday my temperature was 38.9 and I was fevered, but today it’s down to normal.  I still have a stuffy nose, I am blaming Sou’s phone call :P Just kidding babes but you sounded so sick on the phone something must’ve transferred right? :P Should’ve stuck to the text messages? No seriously just joking here hehe ;) I miss you guys! I miss the twirlies, my friends, the world really.

– I need to get out and soon since I feel so stuffed and pressured, I might even need to leave the country.

So that’s it for now, I haven’t forgotten my project just was too sick to pursue it, I blame all the TV Show binging I did today but it was fun.  So until next time my friends.  Toodles.

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  1. Haha, well you never know, I might’ve given you the flu through the phone call. My flu germs are powerful like that, lol! :p

    I hope you get better soon, hun! :**

  2. salamat, drink lotsa soup

    and meat!!!

  3. I have been sick too, so I got pissed and went around Kuwait to spread my virus.

  4. Sou : I think they were so strong, you should tame them, or put them on a leash hehehe

    neoark25 : Thanks sweetie o alla esalmek :)

    Purgatory : So that’s why I’m sick, because of you?!?!

  5. Damn.. you seriously got a lot on your plate and happy birthday! Your site was down for maintenance! hehehe

  6. Marzouq : Thanks dude and yeah I was uploading my theme :P