I’m So Glad It’s Almost Over

December 17, 2008  |  Random, Reflections

I’m so glad that the year is coming to an end, I so badly want it to finish.  It was such a disastrous year for me, and I actually have a nice gut feeling that 2009 will be better for me on a personal and social level than 2008 ever was.  This year I lost touch with a lot of my friends, my daddy had his heart attack & surgery, my work life went to hell basically, among many other things.  And most of my friends didn’t experience a good year either, therefore I am welcoming 2009 with wide open arms hoping and wishing that things will finally set themselves right.

I know that the world is facing a global financial crisis and all but I think soon things will be worked out.  But 2009 will be a year to look forward in terms of becoming better versions of ourselves.  So I’m counting down the days 13 days left until we kiss this year good bye.

P.S. Can’t wait until Sunday when both my sisters are back for Xmas vacation.  Yaaay! I miss the idiots but I want my things most of all.  What good are they to me if they don’t get me my Clothes!

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  1. I hope its a better year for everyone! Mine wasn’t bad, we all had a our rough patches, here is to hoping for the best and planning for the worst! I’m going to enjoy my time off!

  2. bel3ax for me 2008 kanat wanasa o 7elwa :)
    yalla hope 2009 tkon better than 2008 for you

    o garrat 3ainech moqadaman :>

  3. altho its a bitch, 2008 was much much MUCH better than 2007 and 2006

  4. BITE ME!


    i love u ;P

  5. when i did google search on 2001 it was better than all these years has passed, of course i still stay 96-97-98 best years.

  6. i meant, search word 9/11 in google2001 and google

    kinda made me wish things turn back way it was

  7. i’ve never hated any year kether 2008! can’t wait for 2009!

  8. Marzouq : Well maybe I’ll get to be more relaxed in 2009 hehehe who knows, and I wish you a lot of fun and relaxation on your time off ;)

    Frankom : Eb wayh nabyek dear and no 2008 was the year of disasters for me. I am wishing 2009 will witness some celebrations instead of disappointments.

    shwaish : I loved 2006 more than 2008 and 2007 for the most part was great although it ended on a sour note :s

    your battlefield : Bite me’s but you’re home so I’ll let all that slide :P

    neoark25 : The 90’s were different they were and always will be a special time for me, it was so much easier back then. Less hate and more love in the world in more ways than one. Hell the stock market was much better :P

    neoark25 : Oh hehe ;)

    blah : I hate it even more it was the worst year EVER!