The Next Few Days of 2009

January 4, 2009  |  Random, Reflections

So I started off the year nicely, the day after its beginning (a.k.a Jan 2 2009) was spent mostly outside with my sisters and mom, going from Muhallab to Al Koot, shopping here and there and enjoying my time really.  It was fun, in the end of it I had a few sweets from Paul’s, the Strawberry Charlotte Cake was extremely delicious! So delicious I took a piece to go for my grandma so we would surprise her and sing Happy Birthday :)

The day after that (Jan 3) was our family gathering day and I was at Grandma’s house hanging out, I got the urge to play with the Nintendo Wii, therefore I set it up again and proceeded to play Tennis (for the first time I played a game without missing hitting the ball) it was extremely fun! My sisters Fee and Dee got a chance to use it hehe… They got excited about it as well.  Life is crazy like that :)

Today, the first day of work in the new year, was pretty uneventful, the past few days I’ve become over sensitive at work, where a few words here and there can move me, either to cry (which is something I am hating right now) or to get angry and pissed off.  But today I learned to lower that and deal with things.

Let’s hope this year would be great on my personal life as well as my work life.  I need good things to happen, I’ll try my hardest for them to happen!

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  1. its greatthat you have started this year on a positive note. i feel it will remain that way :-)

  2. Rayboy : I think you’re right I’m trying to pass on this attitude to my work and just take things as they come :)