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January 17, 2009  |  Projects

Well everything is well underway however, due to my little sister having exams and me not having any cool inspiration to create some awesome-looking graphic I am postponing the launch until next weekend. All is well and done, everything is working nicely, just a few minor tweaks here and there and you’d get your wish ;)

Thank you “:/” for your lovely contribution, you have given me a whole bunch of new blogs to add and I’m grateful for that. Thanks to Um-Mit3ib for opening this new world for me, and although Jewaira’s Boudoir was the first of it’s kind, we now have a few more sisters to that blog where we can lose ourselves in far away lands.

So until next week, this has been the update.

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  1. Well Jacui
    It’s time for you to write your stories now too :-)

  2. hmm is it like that blog that you guys once did ;p

  3. well thank U for making this thing happen.and making us easier access to these blogs 7bebty.

  4. jewaira : I’d love to but I wouldn’t know how to start it or if I did I would feel that it’s boring and cliche :/

    eshda3wa : Yaaay!

    Purgatory : No not at all, it’s a collection of other blogs who write the stories and well it’s like Safat but for girls :)

    :/ : Hehehehe aww no thanks 3ala wajeb hehe I needed an easier place to access blogs walla :P

  5. 7boba i found 2 more…they r multiplying like aliens..its scary ;p im trying to keep up hahaha


    i have a suggestion.if u could make in the site a place where new story tellers could register to be included like in blogs with safat…i think that will be easier for all i guess :)

  6. :/ : Awww thanks ba6ooo6 (a nickname I call my dearest of friends hehe altho we are still anonymous to each other you are a friend hehe) I already added one of them and as for your suggestion I put up a page for that hehehe I hope it works, it’s like a contact form but you submit blogs you might wanna add ;) And I’d do them later on Hope you’re having a great day

  7. thank u 7beebty im honoured then to be called ba6oo6 hahaaha.and a big thanks for the amazing site :* and a wonderful day to u sweety.

  8. :/ : Hehe your welcome and hope you have a great year ba3ad not only a day :)