Ode to Oldies

February 6, 2009  |  Deep Thoughts, Random

Dear Gray Hairs,

Why oh why are you appearing again in my hair, and always on the left side of my head?

Why are you even visible to the world, do you want them to count that I have more than 3-4 strands?

I love the color gray and love how sophisticated you make me look but I totally loathe the feelings I get inside when I see you.

Others will sit and pluck you out or color you to make you disappear but I wear you like a badge of war.

Why do I think that 25 is the new old ancient age rather than a young ripe one?

Seriously why am I feeling this way? Take me out of this depressed, pitiful mood please.

Make me young again.

Yours Not-so-truly,


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  1. my beard and mustache got grey hair, i hide it by shorten it so it won’t be visible.

    in theory people say that grey hair comes to people that burns their nerves.

  2. awwwwww =/

    go away gray hair! go away!

  3. bil 3ax gray is amazing 3alawa7da very clasy and sophisticated and by the way 25 is still young laman etsekeeen 30 theek il sa3a u can clompain and moan

  4. jaxie hun u r not that old :P fine fine ur not old at all hehehehe 9ij 3ad ur not so stop feeling bad oo grey hair is hot

  5. Bald Head > Everything else..

    Seriously.. its aerodynamic, low maintenance, quick showers, fits in all situations,

    just great! Not that I’m telling you to shave your head or anything like that! looooooooooooool

  6. I hate growing old too and I’m only 20. I don’t think I can help you much but company does help when your upset. :P

  7. lol Think of it as a symbol of being wise. You’re much wiser than all the other girls your age ;)

  8. neoark : Well I am one who burns her nerves too quickly so that might be the reason. But oh well.

    ĐǻñĎõøðñ : It’s sexy but it makes you feel old when you are sentimental hehe.

    bonajim : Hehehe I know it’s just that I’m at a sentimental stage hehe I look at them and depress myself a bit more but in reality I know I am still young.

    shwaish : I know I look at it and go Helloooo Mr. Sheffield :P Hehehe I loved that white hair streak in his hair on The Nanny I don’t know why hehe :P I think whoever ends up with me and has gray hair will not regret it bcos he’ll be so hot in my eyes LOL!

    Marzouq : LOL But you are telling me to shave my head I know you are hehe you bad influence you!!!! :P

    F. : True hehehe misery loves company and you’re not old at all hehehe towich young :P Katkoooota!

    Miss-Informed : Yeah that’s a great way of looking at it hehe :P Thanks hon :P

  9. 7amdella i don’t have any grey hair…:P