Happy Chocolates Day

February 14, 2009  |  Holidays, My Life

Happy Chocolate’s day everyone…


Seriously it is the chocolate & roses holiday and not St. Valentine’s anymore because it’s the day we go overboard with those heart-shaped boxes of candy/chocolates & all those flowers that even a person who is allergic to flowers has to purchase some for his sweet love, and then he’ll have to suffer sitting next to her and sneezing all day long while she enjoys how pretty they are.

Valentine’s day for me consisted of getting a rose from Sister #4 and Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses from Lilo (aka Sister #5)… God I miss high school, it was so much more fun then, the roses/candy/sending secret valentine’s/cards/etc… I think I still have those cards hehe should look them up..

Happy Valentine’s day everyone

<3 u all ;**

P.S. I placed an order for my Vaio P, it’s my Valentine’s gift to myself..

P.P.S. I’m eating more and more of those hershey kisses…

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  1. U couldn’t help it could u! U had to get the Vaio P! lol! Enjoy!

  2. happy v day to u..may it be said with dimands nxt yr from ur loving husbend inshala ;) WHY NOT ;p

  3. Valentine’s day lots its meaning

  4. ĐǻñĎõøðñ : I finished a whole bag of them, which reminds me I should get some more :s

    Marzouq : Yes I had to, but I still didn’t get it, looking into finding someone to get it for me from the UK since first plan didn’t work out :/

    :/ : Awwww Allah yesma3 minich/k hehehe I truly hope so :P

    roqaya : Well it means chocolate to me :P